The BMW 7 Series: Masterfully Contrived Luxury Crossover Sedan
Affluence, style, class and efficiency. These are the properties that come to mind when one considers driving a BMW 7 Series Luxury Sedan. When looking to purchase a vehicle with an ideal balance of luxury and comfort, without sacrificing performance, the 7 Series is sure to satisfy. BMW has been one of the most brilliant European auto makers since its founding in 1916, and their 7 Series Sedan is undoubtedly one of their best designs. With multiple styles available, and years of fine tuning and improvement, this sedan has evolved in to one of the most powerful and premium vehicles on the road. With each generation having its own benefits, the 7 series has continued to add stunning and masterful elements to each successor in the series line. The BMW 7 Series offers countless impressive aspects and benefits, sure to satisfy both driver and passenger.

Luxury at Its Finest
There are multiple options available with this vehicle, and it’s electronic systems are said to dazzle and amaze. The newer models are even capable of parking themselves. This sedan is designed to wrap its drivers in comfort and convenience all the way around. Highly adjustable sumptuous leather seats, exquisite wood accenting, and a clean simplified yet stately electronic panel and dashboard make this vehicle feel like an escape in and of itself, regardless of your destination. The interior cabin is sure to wow anyone with its intelligent design, premium quality materials, and high tech electronic components. Test drive this luxury sedan with caution, you may just fall in love.

Powerful Efficient German Engineering
When looking at the way the the BMW 7 series is built, its masterful design is clearly reflected in the extravagance of this fine tuned machine. The 7 Series is one of the first sedans in a major series line to use a multitude of carbon fiber parts. This means that the 7 Series has the size and interior space of many previous series models, but is significantly lighter. You can choose between multiple options from the turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine, to the twin-turbo V-8, or even an extremely efficient hybrid that has a four-cylinder engine. The components and design concepts of the BMW 7 Series beautifully display German engineering at its finest.

Unparalleled Space and Comfort
The choice between luxury and space has been a continuous tug-of-war in the automotive industry. With the BMW 7 series, this is most definitely not the case. If carrying passengers, or the availability of ample storage space is a priority, this sedan is truly an ideal candidate. With first class leg room, generous space in the cushy rear seats, and a cavernous trunk, space will be nothing to worry about.

In March of 2016 the 7 series won the coveted 2016 World Luxury Car Award, just another accolade in a long the line of praise and recognition for the series. So if luxury, space, and powerful efficient European engineering are what you are looking for, the BMW 7 series should absolutely be considered. As usual, BMW has wowed the world with a first-rate understanding of the automobile world and yet another skillfully contrived sedan.

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