Long Island Lincoln Continental Lease Deals

The mere words “Lincoln Continental” conjure up images of driving ease and passenger luxury. To these ends, Lincoln Continental automobiles in past years were full size sedans that offered such luxuries as air-conditioning and CD players before these items were status quo. The Lincoln Continental of 2017 has changed significantly, with a choice of three new six-speed automatic engines and the latest in smart phone technology options for car owners to select from. 


Today’s Lincoln Continental is a sedan prized for its roomy and well decorated interior space. While it still looks like an automobile that costs in the six figures, its sale and lease price is lower than cars (from other manufacturers) in its class. Car buyers have an extensive list of options, from the engine performance to trim that graces the car’s exterior. Both Apple and Android users will additionally find a full variety of apps to download for their entertainment enjoyment while on the road.

Choice of three engine packages:

Car buyers are given a selection of Premier, Reserve and Select packages. An upgrade to the Reserve gives drivers added engine power for the complete open road experience. The Select is perfect for those drivers who are satisfied with the standard performance engine of the Premier, but would appreciate leather seats, additional USB ports for backseat passengers and such conveniences as a trunk that opens “hands free.”

The driver and passenger experience:

Unlike the boat-like car of yesteryear, the 2017 Lincoln Continental is truly impressive. This sedan is incredibly spacious for both the driver and backseat passengers. Tall passengers will have no trouble finding all the leg-room that they require. The ride is smooth and quiet, with adjustable front seats for mobility and comfort. All three engine options include a further upgrade to a Climate package with heated front and back seats, especially useful for those who drive in cold weather climates.

A top-notch interior:

The cabin is refined and its design is worthy of a luxury sedan. Choosing leather for seats and interior surfaces provides a worthy upgrade. At its designated price point, the Lincoln Continental still manages to impress and compete with the finest of American made automobiles in its class.

Storage space:

The 2017 Lincoln Continental has a good deal of space for storage in its interior and within its utility trunk. Car owners should have no trouble placing several full size suitcases in its trunk or using it to haul a week’s worth of grocery bags. Additionally, the hand-free option grants users ease of movement allowing them to open its large back trunk automatically when faced with loading or unloading during busy times.

Driver enhancement through technology:

The 2017 Lincoln Continental uses a “Sync 3 technology interface.” This is the much the same as that placed within other Ford manufactured cars, trucks and SUVs. Unlike previous incarnations of the interface, it now functions with an improved sense of speed and user compatibility. Car owners are presented with a full range of app selections, compatible with both Apple Car Play and Android mobile systems.

Lincoln understands the needs of drivers who wish to enhance the quality of their audio speakers when listening to music or the spoken word. When selecting a 2017 Lincoln Continental, high end speakers and audio options are available. Safety conscious drivers can opt to select the automatic braking system to prevent future accidents and road-based emergencies. Long distance drivers may also want to consider the selection of cruise control with a full list of adaptive features.