Hyundai Sonata Lease Deals

The Hyundai Sonata reviews have graded this car to be a driver friendly and comfortable car while being extremely friendly on the budget. Including its fuel efficiency, this car is best for those who are looking for a sedan but don’t want to spend as much and want to save on gas in the long run.

The exterior, in the Hyundai Sonata reviews, describe it as being very sleek with hints of a luxury car’s shape. The exterior is somewhat a cross between a sleek luxury sedan and sporty. The interior on the other, according to a Hyundai Sonata consumer reviews has been great except for a few places where budget is quite obvious. Other than that, the interiors are great given the leather trimmed seat covers.

The steering wheel is leather wrapped too. The room space of the Hyundai Sonata is enough so that four adults don’t feel claustrophobic and have enough room for leg stretching. As with most sedans, another one can fit in middle rear seat although he/she won’t be as comfortable as all the others. What the Hyundai Sonata reviewers wished for more in terms of space inside the sedan is head room. Taller people with a height of six feet or more might have to tilt their necks a little bit or have their heads reach the ceiling.

The technology is a great feature mentioned in the Hyundai Sonata reviews and for the price of this sedan, its technology makes it exceptional. It has push button start and a keyless entry. You have the option to have a touch screen navigation system that has ranked good in the Hyundai Sonata reviews because it responds very well and displays maps that are very easy to read. What brought the touch screen navigation down is because it does not have a 3D viewing option.

Present in all Hyundai Sonata is the Bluetooth capacity which is a very impressive feature and appeals to those who are always on the mobile device. You can pair your Bluetooth phone which then activates the hands-free system for voice-activated dialing.

In the Hyundai Sonata reviews, the Limited scored the highest among all three trim levels because it has almost all of the features that the SE and GLS has which includes heated seats both in the front and back seats, an upgraded audio system and cruise control just to name a few. The SE is a sporty model of the Hyundai Sonata including 18-inch alloy wheels with performance tires and sport-tuned suspension.

The most basic GLS version includes cruise control, heated side view mirrors, tilt-and-telescoping steering column, six-speaker stereo and trip computer above all else. These features of the GLS are included in the SE and Limited trim levels. All three have the option for turbocharged engine that will also include some more features.

Another pride of the Hyundai Sonata is the safety features which have earned it top five stars rating in the government’s crash protection testing. According to a Hyundai Sonata reviews, it has also earned the top rating in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for frontal offset, roof strength protection and side-impact.

In the Hyundai Sonata reviews, this sedan is known for great handling and steering that provides a smooth ride. Gearshifts make shifting easy while the turbocharged engine delivers power without and turbo lag.

Depending on which of the three trim levels you choose from, the Hyundai Sonata reviews have ranked all models as exceptional and the price and fuel economy just make it better.