Walking into a car dealership in search of a new car means making many choices. Big cars, small cars, luxury cars, economy cars, long terms or short terms, buying or leasing; and it means making decisions on the fly. It’s a little overwhelming when you haven’t done your homework, which is why it’s time to get to know the benefits of leasing. You can buy or lease a new car, and the decision is yours. Before you commit to buying because it’s what you think most people do or because you’re unfamiliar with the lease process, get to know it a bit. It’s not what you think, and it might just help you make car shopping a more enjoyable experience.

Leasing is Affordable

The funny misconception regarding a lease is it’s expensive. Many people believe leasing costs too much, but it’s quite the opposite. Leasing is more affordable. It’s a cheaper way to drive because you’re not paying for an entire car. You are only paying a small portion of the price of a car. Most dealers figure the cost of depreciation of the vehicle during the terms of your lease and make you pay that amount of money. It’s why monthly payments are a lot cheaper, and it’s why many people get to lease a car with a very small down payment if they’re required to make a down payment at all.

Leasing also means fewer fees and other out-of-pocket expenses. You’re not paying as much sales tax since you’re spending very little. You’re not paying for maintenance since most dealers offer basic maintenance free to ensure you are caring for the car they’ll turn around and sell themselves at a later date. Perhaps the biggest money-saving benefit is no longer worrying about the cost of car repairs. You now drive a brand-new car that will always have a warranty while it’s in your garage.

It’s Negotiable

Perhaps you’ve forgone the lease process in the past because you assume you drive too much. It’s true that leases are not for people who do a lot of driving, but you aren’t regulated to only driving 12,000 miles per year or less. For a small fee, you can add miles to your contract so you don’t have to pay overage fees at the end of your contract. If you need 15,000 miles per year, you can have that added into your contract for a small fee each month. It’s entirely worth it, and it’s all negotiable. If you don’t want to drive a car for three years, ask to change the terms to make it a two-year lease. You have the power to make your lease into one that works for you rather than for the dealership.

Leases Mean Driving New Cars

If there is one thing that stresses out families everywhere, it’s the unexpected expenses cars bring with them. When you drive a car with a warranty, you don’t worry. Most everything that could go wrong is fully covered, and you never pay out of your own pocket for any costly repairs. When you drive a lease, you always have a new car that has a warranty. You’ll never worry again about taking your car into the shop for a repair that might be more than you can afford. Even better news is you get to drive this car for a few years before you get rid of it and get a brand-new one. You always get to drive a new car, and that’s the big benefit of a lease.

Leases aren’t for those who drive long and far, but they are for everyone else. It’s more affordable, and you get to choose from more cars. You can finally drive that big, expensive car you’ve always wanted. It now fits into your budget and your monthly payment stays low. It’s an option for everyone, and dealerships are always offering consumers a chance to lease a new car at a great rate. Now is the time to take advantage of what you can get with a lease, and it’s time to stop driving cars you find it difficult to get out of when you’re no longer a fan of driving it.

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