The Honda HR-V was designed from scratch in 2014, in order to make an entrance into the new compact crossover market. It has turned out to be an overwhelming success. With thousands of units sold, the market has stated its approval of the roomiest compact crossover available today.

The exterior design of the HR-V is a striking combination of aerodynamic curves and right angles, making for a look that is both aggressive and pleasing to the eye. The HR-V is a uniquely Honda-looking product. With design motifs, easily recognizable in the fascia and taillights, that are shared across the company’s lineup, there’s no mistaking the HR-V for anything else. That’s more than can be said for many of the vehicle’s competitors.

Under the hood, the HR-V packs a 1.8 liter, four-cylinder engine. Although some would argue it’s slightly underpowered, producing 141 horsepower and 126 pound-feet of torque, the actual performance of the vehicle is quite solid. The little engine is able to bring the HR-V from a standstill to 60 miles per hour in jut 8.5 seconds. That’s not blazingly fast, but it’s pretty darn good for such a small engine.

The secret to the strong acceleration is Honda’s continuously variable transmission, which transfers all of the engine’s power to the wheels with optimal efficiency. The HR-V comes with two wheel drive as standard, but an all wheel drive is also available, although it will cost a bit over $1,000.

One of the HR-V’s strongest points is its interior. While not everyone is fond of the knob-free user interface, after getting used to it, one sees that it requires less effort to interact with the system than with a traditional knob-and-dial interface. Information is relayed to the occupants through a large, 8-inch touchscreen. Honda’s infotainment system is both easy-to-use and very effective. The standard speaker system is excellent and the car even comes with a built-in rear-view camera, adding considerably to safety when backing up.

The passenger compartment is accented throughout with tasteful chrome trim, giving the HR-V’s interior the feel of something far more expensive. The driver is informed of critical information via a three-gauge instrument cluster. The gauges are both highly legible and very appealing. Overall, the interior of the HR-V is one of the best in its class.

All told, the HR-V is a very solid, if slightly underpowered, entrant to the compact crossover market. And at $20,000, it delivers a heck of a value for those needing the flexibility of car-like performance and truck-like internal cargo space.

Why leasing a Honda HR-V may be the best decision you can make

There has never been a better time to lease a new vehicle. With an inventory glut that is now entering the critical summer months, dealerships across the country have been slashing prices on leases, in order to make way for next year’s incoming models. For many dealers, it is currently sink or swim, as they try to move huge quantities of excess inventory off their lots. This is a buyer’s market, the likes of which haven’t been seen in at least 40 years.

Currently, it is possible to lease a new Honda HR-V for as little as $150 per month. What’s more, the up-front costs are often minuscule compared to those of a bank loan. With down payments and other costs often totaling in the thousands of dollars, a new HR-V can often be leased and driven off the lot, that same day, for just a couple hundred bucks.

What’s more, leasing allows those with compromised credit scores and blemishes on their credit history to get brand new cars that they very likely would otherwise be unable to obtain. Nothing compares with the security and confidence that can only come from owning a brand new car.

Be sure to check out the available lease deals on a Honda HR-V today.

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