Are you looking for New Jersey Honda Civic lease deals but aren’t quite sure what you’d be getting for your money? The Honda Civic has a lot to offer and has a long track record of being a safe and reliable vehicle. Based on the 2017 Honda Civic, we will go over some reasons why the Civic is a fantastic car to drive as well as a few of its drawbacks.

Pros of Driving a Honda Civic

One of the biggest lures Honda has always put out there to keep customers coming back for more is impeccable fuel efficiency. If you decide to drive a 2017 Honda Civic with the optional CVT automatic transmission and base 4-cylinder engine, you will get a combined 40 mpg. However, if you decide to spend a little bit more money and go for the turbocharged engine option, you can get about 42 combined mpg. This beats out many other competitors in the sedan class, which is something Honda has been successful at doing for many years.

Unlike other sedans in its class (and unlike previous years’ Civics), the 2017 Honda Civic is fun to drive. The 2017 Civic has precise handling capabilities, abundant safety features, and an impressive accelerate rate of 0 to 60 in just about 6.8 seconds. This vehicle gets a solid 172 hp and 162 lb-ft of torque, which gives the Civic a high-powered performance.

If you are in the market for a vehicle with a lot of extra cargo space, you might want to consider getting the Civic’s hatchback version. It offers plenty of cargo space and is easy to load and unload bulky items (such as camping gear) from.

Finally, the Honda Civic has a long-standing reputation of being a safe and reliable family-oriented vehicle. The 2017 Honda Civic earned a five-star safety rating and performed well in all of its crash tests. The LaneWatch camera system on the 2017 Civic boosts safety while on the highway, and the braking system has a good stopping distance when it comes to making emergency stops.

Cons of Driving a Honda Civic

Although there aren’t many deal-breaker reasons to not get a Honda Civic, there are a few things that could be improved upon by Honda. The first is that you cannot get all-wheel drive on the 2017 Honda Civic. For those who live in climates where having a solid performance in winter is crucial, a Civic won’t get the same kind of traction as a Subaru.

Also, the infotainment system needs some upgrades. Not only does the system come off as being a bit outdated, but it is frustrating for some drivers to use. The touchscreen system is not very responsive, and drivers are struggling to integrate their smartphones with the infotainment system in their Hondas.

The last real drawback to driving the 2017 Honda Civic is that the adaptive cruise control system is a little slow to respond, and the forward collision system is a bit too touchy. While these certainly aren’t deal-breakers for many drivers, Honda should consider fine-tuning these important safety features.

The Overall Verdict

The Honda Civic has a lot to offer a wide variety of drivers and their different needs. If you want something that is known for being safe and reliable but do not want to compromise speed, precision handling, and fun, the Honda Civic (especially the 2017 models) is a great vehicle to lease. This vehicle is ideal for families with young children as well as anyone who is looking to get the most fuel efficiency from a vehicle without getting a hybrid or electric vehicle.

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