If you have any experience with leasing, you probably already know the process isn’t always straightforward. Zoomr is here to make the process of buying and leasing cars easier for you by simplifying and streamlining it. In doing so, we deliver an improved experience over what you’d find elsewhere.

You don’t need to call or email different dealers just to find out which ones have certain cars available, because we can take care of that for you. With our network of car lease dealers located throughout the Rhode Island area, we can help you find the car you want. What’s even better is that the dealers in our network will offer legitimate deals that are only available to Zoomr clients.

The Zoomr Difference

There are a few key factors that make us different from the rest. We aren’t a dealer or a car brokerage company. Zoomr is an intricately designed platform that was set up to get clients just like you in touch with brokers and dealers who want the opportunity to earn your business. How will they do that? By offering you the lowest possible pricing without any compromise on quality.

Who doesn’t like home delivery? We love it, and since you probably do, too, we make sure to offer it for our clients. And with our service, it’s not some general range of days when your car might arrive. We’ll have it to your doorstep in a timely fashion, just provide us with the delivery address when you lease or purchase the car.

If you have a car of your dreams, we want to make it a reality. We’ll do everything we can to find you the exact make and model that you want, and we’re also going to help you secure the most competitive possible price.

Start the Bidding: One of the things that helps us find you the best deals is that we get bids from many different dealers and brokers on your behalf, and they all know that they need to provide their best deals if they want your business.

Time Is of the Essence: You don’t need to spend your valuable time looking for the right lease deal or haggling with dealers. That’s what we’re here for. We’ll lock in a premier deal for you, leaving you with less frustration and stress.

Rhode Island Car Lease Deals


If your idea of a Rhode Island car lease is a long-term car rental that lasts for a couple years, you’re on the right track, although it’s a bit different than that.

When you obtain a lease, you’re the lessee, and you’re paying the broker or dealer, also known as the lessor, in exchange for them letting you drive the car. There’s a prearranged time period for the lease, along with other terms and conditions. These terms include your mileage allowance for the year, and your contract will also include provisions about how you can change that limit if you need to, along with how that will affect the lease amount.

Your lease payments cover the natural depreciation that occurs with every car. It ends up being a win-win situation for you and your lessor.

Why Lease a Car?

Everyone has their own personal reasons to lease a car, but there are a few which tend to be the most common. Leasing is less expensive than buying the same make and model vehicle would be. With the way car prices go up every year, leasing provides an affordable alternative, where you can drive a new car without going into debt.

Leasing typically involves a lower down payment than buying, and you pay less for a monthly payment on a lease than you would for a monthly payment on a car loan, since you’re financing a smaller amount. With more of your income freed up, you can put it towards other wants and needs.

Maintenance, or lack thereof, is another perk of leasing. While you need to bring the car in for the usual maintenance, such as oil changes, your lease agreement will most likely end before the car’s warranty does. This means you won’t end up paying a large amount of money for a significant repair.

When you lease, you have the opportunity to swap out your car for a new one every couple years. When you buy a car, you’re committing to it for a much longer period of time, and then you need to sell it when you don’t want it anymore.


Here at Zoomr, we will work with you on several key points as you go through the process of finding the right car and lease agreement.

Sales Price: The sales price of the car that you choose helps determine your monthly payment, and obviously a car with a lower sales price will have a lower monthly lease payment.

The Meaning of Residual Percentage and Amount: The current value of the car that you choose is based on its depreciation, and this is then expressed as a number called the residual percentage. The higher the residual percentage, the lower the depreciation and your monthly lease payments.

The Mileage Allowance: Whenever you lease a car, there’s an annual mileage limit, with 10,000 to 12,000 miles being a standard range. If you drive less than that, you won’t have any extra fees. Go over and you will need to pay a per-mile charge, which you want to avoid if possible. We’ll figure out your average number of miles driven per month and then use that to figure out your annual average, to ensure that you’ll be able to stay under the allowance. We’ll also explain to you how much you’ll need to pay if you go over.

The Clause About a Disposition Fee: Almost all lease contracts include a disposition fee, and these are normally anywhere from $300 to $500. This is a fee that the lessor charges so they can get the car ready for another lease or a sale when you return it.

The Meaning of Money Factor: This is simple enough – it’s another term for annual percentage yield (APR). Just like APR, lower is better for you, as you’ll pay less over the term of the lease.

Comparing Buying to Leasing

Considering you’re on our site and reading this page, you’re most likely looking for a lease in Los Angeles. We can help you with that, but let’s also look at the differences when you buy and lease a car. We want to help you make the right decision so you’re happy with your choice. Here at Zoomr, we believe that you should have full knowledge of what you’re getting into with a lease.

The Owner of the Car

Regardless of whether you pay cash for a car or get a loan to finance the purchase, you’re the owner. With a loan, you will need to make your payments so the lender doesn’t repossess the car, but you still own it. As a lessee, you don’t own the car, the dealer does.

Rhode Island Car Lease Deal

Assessing Front-End Costs

When you get a new car, you will need to put down money upfront. You may pay with cash, equity on a trade-in vehicle, or both. How much you need to pay upfront will depend on your credit and the lender’s requirements.

When you lease, the upfront costs are the security deposit, acquisition fee, payment for the first month, plus any fees or taxes. You can pay more money upfront if you want to have a lower monthly lease payment.

Car Value in the Future

With a car you buy, you need to think about its value in the future, because you’ll need to sell it some day. Its value will be affected by the make, model, your upkeep on it, and the amount the buyer is willing to pay. You don’t need to worry about future value with a lease, because you’re not keeping it.

Your Final Payments

Once you make your final car payments, the car is yours. When you make your final lease payments, you return the car. If your lease has a purchase clause, you can opt to purchase the car.

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