Owning a car comes with multiple benefits which you may not want to miss. For instance, your car gives you the freedom to travel anytime anywhere, and it gives you the convenience you need in running various errands like transporting goods. Regardless of the advantages, most people who are looking to buy a car for their first time feel overwhelmed when making a decision on if to buy a used or new car.

For most car experts, buying city used cars would be a better decision as compared to the purchase of a new car. This is because new cars are expensive since they have a high down payment, monthly payments, and other associated costs.

Some reasons to consider buying a used city car include:
1. Buying a new car does not mean that you are buying a car in a poor condition
One of the common misunderstandings that might scare you away from the purchase of a used car is that such cars are in bad shape. Ideally, you can always find a pre- owned scratch free car, whose performance is similar to a new leash from the auto dealer at an affordable price. The trick is to spend some time shopping around for a used car that is in good mechanical shape.

2. A used vehicle is cheaper than a new city car
The first advantage of buying a used car is that it is more affordable as compared to purchasing a new city car. This is because a new car starts to depreciate as soon as you drive it out of the dealership. According to car experts, some new cars can depreciate by as much as 40 percent in the first year after purchase, and this implies that you are likely to buy a used car 40 percent lower than the price of a new car. For this reason, buying a used car would be a good decision if you are on a tight budget.

3. Lower Insurance Premiums
It is evident that insurance rates depend on the age of your vehicle and a higher insurance rate backs new vehicles as compared to used cars. In most cases, the high insurance premiums are due to the gap insurance which caters for the gap between your new vehicle’s purchase price and its worth at the time of an accident. However, you may not need the gap insurance is you buy a used car as it has already depreciated.

4. Buying a used vehicle is environmentally friendly
Do you value your environment? If you do, then you should consider buying a used car for your transportation purposes. Environmentalists say that 1/4 of the carbon IV Oxide produced during a vehicle life cycle occurs during manufacturing. Therefore, buying a used car is an excellent way of reducing the environmental impact. On the other hand, some environmentalists say that used cars are environmental friendly than hybrid vehicles that use lithium- ion, and lead acid batteries.

5. Used City Cars Have A Lower Annual Registration Fee Than New City Cars
The annual registration fee in most states differs depending on the value, and the year a vehicle was manufactured. Ideally, a vehicle’s annual registration fee would be high during the initial three years, after which it declines. Therefore, buying a car that is three years older will save you a substantial amount that you could have spent in registering a new vehicle.

6. A use city car will save you from your state’s sales tax
In most states, new cars are subject to a sales tax that can raise your new vehicle’s price tag. On the other hand, buying a used car could be the only way to own vehicle without paying your state’s sales tax.

7. You can customize your used car at a lower price
One of the tricks used by auto manufacturers to increase the price of new vehicles is to add additional features to make you think that a new vehicle is better than a used car. But do you know that you can tune a used car to have a similar or better performance to that of a new car at an affordable price? Now that you know, we would suggest that you buy a used vehicle at a lower price and then tune it to match your driving needs.

Final word
The feeling of being the first owner of a car might seem perfect for anybody who is planning to own a vehicle for the first time. However, with a new car’s depreciation rate, high insurance costs, and registration fees, buying a pre-owned vehicle becomes a deal worth considering.