Cars are the biggest assets for most people, apart from their homes and when it’s time for that critical purchase, the question of whether to buy new or used comes up. The allure of shelling out cash for a new vehicle is understandable when you think of the supple leather seats, fresh smell, and shiny exterior. However, the option of a used one is much more compelling, especially because it saves money. A second-hand car doesn’t equal a poorly functioning machine as most people picture it. You will find Visakhapatnam used cars that are in excellent condition at Zoomr, meaning you can count on good value for money. Second-hand cars are usually lightly used vehicles with only a few years in them. So, how does buying a used car save you money?

More Car than You Can Afford

Brand new cars come with heavy price tags that are out of range for most people. Our second-hand vehicles make it possible for buyers to afford more products than they thought possible. You will encounter a world of difference between the cost of a brand new SUV vs. that of a used one. Searching for a used car with 5.0 Lakhs will give you more and better choices than you would get in a new car dealership.

Shopping on a budget doesn’t mean that you have to settle for a vehicle with minimal features. You may want a family car but don’t have the disposable income to get a new one. Our used cars in Visakhapatnam offer a myriad of options from which to select. Check out the list of available used cars and note the ones that suit your requirements. Knowing which vehicle you need allows you to budget accordingly.

Pay Less on taxes

Another money saving avenue for previously owned vehicles is the tax you pay on them. Sales taxes can turn a moderately priced product into an expensive purchase just like that. However, the taxes required for second-hand vehicles are less, meaning the ultimate cost of your car will not be high. Look up the taxes for used cars Visakhapatnam to see how much savings a certain purchase will make.

Save on Insurance and Registration

The same as taxes, used cars generate lower premiums when taking out insurance. Logically, insuring a brand new vehicle costs a considerable amount. If a new vehicle had an accident, were stolen, or suffered any damage, it will demand more to replace or repair. On the other hand, a previously owned car has a depreciated value, which means a cheaper policy. Given that you pay insurance on a monthly basis, low premiums will offer continued savings while providing your vehicle the liability protection it requires.

Owners of used cars can also save money during registration. Of course, you have to ensure your vehicle is authorized for road use and the registration process costs money. The expenses are based on the make and value of a car. A secondly owned vehicle will cost less to register than a brand new one.

Lower Price, Less Depreciation

A car loses value the minute it drives off the dealership. For example, a new Toyota Innova Crysta that costs 20.9 Lakhs may be priced at 17 Lakhs if you decided to sell it a month later. It means the original buyer loses money while the second owner saves a substantial amount. Depending on the depreciation rate of a particular make and model, Visakhapatnam used cars offer better bargains.

Why Us

Not every used car dealer in Visakhapatnam cares for the buyers’ best interests as we do. Sometimes customers end up with low-quality products that turn out to be expensive investments due to the maintenance required. At Zoomr, all goods are subject to vetting to guarantee that buyers get the very best. We insist on selling previously owned vehicles that are in the best conditions.

The bait and switch tactic is common when buying used cars. A customer picks one product but gets another because the dealer used a ruse when advertising. Zoomr buyers can be sure that such incidents won’t happen with our cars. You can also count on finding the real price tag attached to our products. We don’t advertise one and charge you something else. The direct pricing lets buyers make informed decisions regarding the vehicles they can afford.

Zoomr delivers to your home or office, which saves you the trouble of arranging the transportation yourself. Buying used cars in Visakhapatnam is less complicated now when you can just go online and browse brochures. For first-time buyers who have concerns about purchasing second-hand vehicles, we have representatives to help. Make your used car purchase a worthy investment with our first-class services and superior standard products.