Initially, before buying used cars in Ludhiana, the first thing that comes to mind might be the hassle of having to deal with shady roadside mechanics. Equally,the hassle of dealing with a tough talking salesperson with plaid suit convincing you to buy a crappy car at exorbitant prices might scare many. Gone are those days. Today, the used car market has evolved significantly, and it is possible to get certified used cars which are just as good as new ones. If you go this route rather than buying a new car, you stand to benefit a lot.

Minimized depreciation

Most new cars, if used often, will depreciate at a higher rate during the first year. In fact, some new cars can lose up to 40% of the initial value within a year. According to many experts, the depreciation for a car flattens out from the third to fifth year. So, you can avoid depreciation problem if you opt for a used car. This means you will also experience less mental depreciation, and you wouldn’t have to worry about the high maintenance cost associated with new cars.

Better value for money

Cars that no one has driven, with brand new upholstery, and single digit mileage reading don’t come that cheap. Actually, the price gap between the two different types of cars is almost $20,000. Generally, when you consider the cost of running a new car, you will save a lot when you buy a second-hand vehicle.

Most dealers of new cars hit buyers with crazy fees such as shipping, processing, destination fees, advertising fees, and other random fees. These fees are unnecessary and just push up the car price. So, instead of giving in to unjustified dealer fees, you can take full control by opting for a used car. Furthermore, you have more bargaining power because most of the used car dealers are eager to keep you on the negotiating desk.

Reduced insurance fees

Needless to say, but the main determinant factor in the insurance premium to pay for your car is the value of the car. Since most of the used cars in Ludhiana cost less than the newer version, it means you will pay less for insurance. If the car is old, then there are elements of the car which are optional to insure such as theft. So, you can opt to do away with such risks.

Comes with pre-delivery check by mechanical experts

If you buy a certified Ludhiana used car, you will enjoy a pre-delivery car check. Motor vehicle engineers will check your car to assure you that what you are buying meets standards. This will give you peace of mind knowing you are getting value for your money, and your car will give you less headache.

In fact, most of the used cars come with a warranty. Even though the warranty has specified limits in terms of the miles you have to travel within the specified period, at least there is a warranty. So, make sure you purchase your car from a company who sell certified used cars to enjoy this benefit.

Post-sales services

Besides warranty, most company pre-owned car outlets in Ludhiana offer after sales services. Usually, two to three car services after the purchase. This is a stress reliever to many new owners of used cars since they wouldn’t have to worry about the cost of replacing defect car parts.

Wide variety of cars in good condition

Today, there are a variety of used cars in the market. If you are searching for a specific rare or older model, there is higher chance that you will not find a new one. The bottom line is that if you opt to purchase a used car, you have virtually endless options to choose from; you are not limited to only the latest models as in the case with many new cars.

Moreover, most of the recent car models can cover at least 100,000 miles before being treated as scrap. So, you wouldn’t have to sacrifice on reliability to get the right car. If you have little knowledge about cars, you might even land on a mechanically-fit used car that looks like a new one.

Final word

Generally, new cars are great and cool, but it can also be crazy to find out how much they lose value after driving off. You might have to spend some time to search for a good used car, but you will thank yourself for buying a used car from us when you consider the cost and other long term benefits.