Are you planning on purchasing a car? You need to understand your needs and do your due diligence before going shopping. With a myriad of options when buying Delhi used cars, it is easy for a customer to get overwhelmed. Having sufficient knowledge guarantees that your purchase doesn’t cause you any headaches. When buying a used car, the question that often comes to mind is: Why choose a used car over a new car? Well, here are five benefits of buying a used car versus a new car.

1. Price

Did you know that a new vehicle loses thousands of rupees the moment it is taken from the dealership? Used cars not only have a lower price tag but also depreciate at a lower rate as compared to new vehicles. It’s nice to drive your dream car and paying a small bill. In other words, you can regular-car-sized budget to buy a used luxury car.

2. Avoiding new car fees

Many deals on new cars often have many exaggerated costs such as destination fees and shipping charges. Some dealers will even add unnecessary extras such as rust coating since they don’t increase the value to the car. Moreover, you can get these extras at lower costs when you choose an after-market installation. If you buy a used car, all the above fees are removed from the equation.

3. Choice

Several old car models are no longer being made. This means that new vehicles will lack certain option packages, models, and wheel designs. When looking for older car models and specifications, used cars provide you with a wide selection of inventory.

4. Insurance rates

Auto insurance rates are affected by the age of a vehicle. Therefore, it makes sense that you will automatically pay lower insurance premiums when buying used cars in Delhi.

5. Reduced annual registration fees

The rate of annual registration fee in India is based on your vehicle’s value and model year. Typically, the rate levels off after five years. Buying a used car allows you to avoid new registration fees and get to save.

What should you consider when purchasing a used car?

So, now that you understand the benefits how do you go about buying a used car? Here tips to ensure you make an informed choice.

Your budget

Used cars don’t have fixed prices. More often than not, the price is determined by the current condition of the car, mileage and model. To get a good deal when looking to buy a used car in Delhi, set up a budget. A budget will allow you to establish how much you can spend without having to break the bank. Moreover, buying a new or used car is an exciting experience and customers can easily get carried away. A budget ensures that the excitement doesn’t get the best of you.

Create a list of car models you want to buy

To get the best deal, determine which type of car you want to purchase. Similar to other commodities, some used car models are better than others. Research and get to know which car models have the best used cars then create a list of at least five types of vehicles that meet your needs.

Check the exterior and exterior condition

Of course you don’t want to get a car that looks like it’s going to fall apart at any moment. To eliminate the overly repair and maintenance costs, conduct a thorough mechanical, interior and exterior inspection. Check the engine, seats, stains, scratches and tires. If you find the technicalities of a car challenging, find a professional to conduct the inspection. A test drive is also a good way to check the cars current condition.

Look for hidden problems

Unfortunately, some used car dealers always find ingenious ways to hide problems with the vehicles they are selling. Such problems include rust, leaks, worn tires, broken heaters and air-conditioning systems. To an untrained eye, identifying these issues can be quite difficult. However, create a list of possible hidden problems to help you find the best used cars Delhi.

Check the car history

Every used car has a history. Ask the seller to provide all the necessary documents regarding the vehicles history. Checking the car’s complete history will provide proof of previous servicing, previous accident reports, records of mileage, oil changes and the name of the dealership where the car was purchased.New cars look and smell great, but are these elements really worth it? If you are stuck between used and new cars, consider the pros and cons of each before making a purchase.