If you’ve decided it’s time to get your next vehicle, you’ll need to figure out whether you want to shop new or used cars in Jaipur. New cars have their benefits. You don’t need to worry about its history, because it doesn’t have one, and your car will likely be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for the first three years.

With that being said, if you want to get the best value for your money, you’ll check out Jaipur used cars. Here’s why you should go used for your next car:

1. There’s Less Depreciation

It’s common knowledge that new cars depreciate quickly, but what you may not realize is just how quickly it happens. The moment you’ve taken possession of that new car, it becomes a used car, which means it has probably already dropped in value at least $1,000. When you want to make the most of your money, losing $1,000 or more in seconds isn’t the way to go.

Cars depreciate the most within the first two to three years of their life span. If you shop used cars Jaipur, you’re looking at cars that have already gone through their largest value drop. Your car will still depreciate, of course, but it will do so at a much slower rate. If you decide to sell the car in a year or two, you won’t lose a huge chunk of money like you would if you decided to sell a car you bought new.

2. You Can Afford a Better Car

Since new cars depreciate so quickly, this also means that you can end up with a much better deal, no matter what your budget is. Let’s say that you’re able to afford a new sedan from one of the affordable manufacturers, such as Toyota, Kia or Honda. If you start looking at used cars, you’ll likely find that you could spend the same amount of money or less on a luxury car that’s just three to five years old, such as a Mercedes, BMW or Audi.

Or, you could just buy that same sedan model you were looking at in the first place, except go with an older model instead of the newest version. You’ll pay much less, and with the money you save, you could get a model with more of those extra features.

3. You’ll Pay Less in Fees

Obviously, when you have a car, it’s not just the price you need to consider. You’re going to need insurance for it. You’ll need to register it. And you’ll need to pay taxes on it.

Since used cars tend to have lower values than new cars, you’ll pay less for insurance, on average, meaning you’re saving money every month. You also won’t need to get any extra coverages, such as gap coverage, that you would need if you were financing a new car purchase with a loan.

Registration costs are lower with used vehicles than they are with new vehicles. Although you can’t avoid taxes if you buy through a dealer, you can if you purchase a used car through a private party.

4. Used Cars Are Safer and More Reliable Than Ever

One of the biggest reasons that people would go for new cars over used cars in the past was because of reliability. There was the worry that you didn’t know what a used car had been through in terms of accidents and other issues, and you’d never know how long that used car was going to last.

Both of these are no longer significant concerns. Vehicle history services, such as Carfax, provide you with a full breakdown of anything that has happened to a car. Checking that can give you peace of mind before you make your purchase.

Cars have become more reliable as technology has improved. If you bring your car in for regular maintenance, it could last for over 200,000 miles, especially when you choose a manufacturer known for making reliable vehicles.

5. You Have More Options

When you shop for new cars, your only options are those that came out in the current model year. When it comes to buying used cars in Jaipur, there are all kinds of options. Whether you like a car from a previous model year more or you like a model that was discontinued, you can look for it while shopping used cars.

You could be happy with either a used or a new car. But if you’re a value-conscious customer who wants to make the best deal for yourself, the right choice is buying used.