When you’re car shopping, there are many reasons to purchase a used car in Guntur instead of a new one. Those reasons extend beyond just purchase price, too. Everything from associated fees, unexpected costs and depreciation play a role in how much you’ll spend on your car overall. Read on to learn why you should consider a quality used car over a brand new one.

1. New cars are taxed differently than used cars.

If you’ve ever looked at an advertisement for a new car, you may have noticed that the sales tax is conveniently left out. When you search for information about used cars, though, the ads tend to include sales tax information. This is because many sellers don’t charge sales tax on used car, but on new cars the sales tax can be upwards of thousands of dollars. Even if you have an eye on a used car that costs the same as a new car, you’ll still save a bundle when it comes to the sales tax. This is just one of the many ways that buying used cars in Guntur will help save you money.

2. New cars have extras you don’t really need.

One way that car dealers try to convince buyers to purchase a new car is by adding in a bunch of nice extras. However, many of these add-ons are unnecessary or will go unused. Even if you do want them, you can often have them installed once you purchase a used car in Guntur and still come out having saved a lot of money. Furthermore, if there are specific amenities you want, like a sunroof or a built-in GPS system, you can most likely find a used car that already has the extra as part of its original package. Research online to find out the makes and models that have the niceties you can’t live without. You’ll get the features you want without wasting money on the unnecessary features that come with a brand new car.

3. Used cars aren’t necessarily in bad condition.

Modern cars can last for a minimum of 100,000 miles. By buying a Guntur used car, you’re not sacrificing reliability or condition. You can still get a great car that has a polished appearance and runs well without spending money on a brand new model. Some people may not even realize you didn’t buy it new! Many used cars are in like-new condition. If you’re not well-versed in car mechanics, take advantage of a long-term warranty so that you know you can have your car repaired should it need some work done. Ask about the manufacturer’s warranty. If the car is only a couple of years old, it may still be under warranty for several more years.

4. Don’t be fooled by the interest rate.

Interest rates on new cars are often lower than on used cars in Guntur – the difference is around 1% most of the time. That may sound small, but it can really add up, especially with a pricey car. Plus, what you’ll save in interest rate you’ll lose in purchase price, sales tax and various fees, not to mention depreciation. When car shopping in Guntur, you have to take all costs into consideration.

5. Depreciation can be heartbreaking.

Nothing stays perfect, including that gorgeous new car you’ve had your own eye. It can be a real bummer when your brand new, perfect car starts to get the normal wear and tear you shouldn’t expected. Not only can it lose as much as 40% of its value within just one year, but new cars start off so perfect that it’s hard to handle it when it gets a ding or scrape. By purchasing a used car, your expectations will be more realistic.

6. There are a lot of random fees to pay when you buy new.

Buying a new car means uncovering tons of hidden or unfamiliar fees. On top of the purchase price, interest rate and sales tax, you’ll be hit with fees for advertising, shipping, processing and preparation. This can cost hundreds of dollars over the cost you’re already paying for the car. By buying used, you can avoid most of these fees, only budgeting for the cost of the car, interest rate and DMV fees.

While you can find used cars that cost way too much and new cars with excellent price cuts, your smartest bet is to find a reliable used car with a price tag you can afford.