Looking for a car? Whether it’s your first ride or you’re looking to upgrade your current vehicle, your two options will be new or used cars in City.

Many shoppers find it tempting to look at those new cars, complete with the new car smell, a warranty in case anything goes wrong in the first couple years and no previous owners who have set foot inside.

You can go that route, but you’ll spend a lot more money for your car than necessary. From a value perspective, there’s no better choice than used cars City. That’s not the only reason why you should look for used cars, though. Here are the most significant factors in what makes used cars in City the best buying decision.

It Will Save You Money or Get You a Better Car

One thing is certain – if you take the exact same car, except one is new and the other is used, even if the original owner drove it just two miles, the used car will be far cheaper. You pay a premium any time you buy a new car, but the car loses a significant amount of its value when you actually start driving it.

Whatever your budget is for your next car, you can make it go further with a used car. Let’s say that you’re looking at a certain new car. Take a look at the same make and model, only one to three years old. You can often find these in a dealer’s certified pre-owned program, meaning the car was a lease. These cars will be very similar, but priced thousands of dollars less.

You could also likely get a more luxurious car that’s a few years old for about as much as you’d spend on a new car.

Used Cars Perform Better than Ever

The problem with buying a used car in the past was that you couldn’t be sure how long it had left. No one wants to spend most of their savings on a car, only for it to need extensive repairs 15,000 miles later.

Manufacturers have been consistently improving their technology, and this has led to far more reliable vehicles now than decades ago. If you take care of your car, which typically only requires regular maintenance, you can expect it to last for a long time. Many drivers now end up sticking with the same car well after it hits the 200,000-mile mark.

It’s Easy to Check a Car’s History

The other worry people would have when buying a used car was what it had gone through in the past. Sure, most cars have a normal life without any catastrophic events, but the last thing you want is to buy a car that went through a flood or a huge wreck.

It takes just minutes to go online and pull up a vehicle history report, and many sellers will have this information available to you already. You no longer need to take a leap of faith when buying a used car.

Depreciation Is Much Slower

If you’re the type of person who likes to invest in products that hold their value, or at least as much of that value as possible, then a new car definitely isn’t for you.

Almost any car will depreciate over time, except for certain classic cars and exotic vehicles. But the difference between how quickly a new car depreciates and how quickly a used car depreciates is staggering.

As mentioned, a new car depreciates as soon as it becomes a used car. Sign the paperwork, drive it off the lot, and it is worth much less than you just paid for it. And those first few years of life a car has are when it depreciates the fastest. Some cars are worth half as much after four years.

With a used car, the drop in value won’t be nearly as dramatic. It isn’t going to drop in value just because you took possession of it. After all, it was already a used car when you bought it, and the age, condition and mileage haven’t changed. It has already gone through its steepest depreciation. If you wanted to sell it after six months or a year, it may not be worth as much, but you could still likely recoup most of your initial investment.

There are all kinds of options out there when it comes to used cars in City. Check them out and you could score an excellent deal.