If you need to add another car to your household, the first question to address is whether or not to buy new or used. This is a question that the majority of all buyers will wrestle with. After all, the “new car” smell is sometimes worth more to buyers than even the newest of used cars. This makes some sense in households where money is not a concern. For those households that must count money each month to meet bills, though, a used car is often the only option they have, and as you’ll see from the massive number of benefits from buying used, this isn’t actually a bad thing.

The used car you take home today was extremely expensive even just a couple of short years ago. You might not have been able to afford it new. But the great news is that the owner took terrific care of it and now it’s on sale again, without the unnecessary fees often tacked onto new cars.

Benefits of Buying a Used Car

When you’re buying used cars in Bikaner, remember that you’re doing something which is saving your household a lot of money. For example, the used car price includes the value of the car, not the unnecessary dealer fees that dealerships place on new cars just because they’re new. The “new” car depreciates from the day it leaves the lot. In a year’s time, that same car is going to be worth thousands of dollars less than it was when someone bought it new. Now is your chance to get that SAME car, in terrific shape, for your household. Here’s what you’ll be saving on when you buy used.

1. Dealership fees: Dreaded dealership fees are outrageous. They charge you for advertising the new car, “preparing” it (whatever that means), and many other miscellaneous fees which don’t add a dime of value to the new car you’ve paid for. Forget dealership fees on used cars. You pay for the car you’ll be driving and don’t have to drop extra money on those.

2. Extra features: Dealerships love to add optional features on new cars. The people who pay for those features are actually paying YOUR share of those features. When you buy it used later on, you won’t pay a dime extra to have those great features on your used car.

3. Registration fees: New cars have a large amount of registration fees placed on them in the first few years. Two years in, those fees begin to decline. You won’t be paying new car registration fees but used ones, and those are happily enough much lower.

4. Sales tax: Sales tax is non-existent on some used cars but it will always be at least some cheaper on used cars, in some cases significantly cheaper. That’s great news for you, the used car buyer. Used cars in Bikaner won’t have as much sales tax and there’s even more money you’ve just saved on your car.

The truth is that while new cars are shiny and pristine and nice to own, they’re often not worth the outrageous dealer fees, sales tax, and registration fees that come with them in the beginning of their life. The car will quickly depreciate in value so that it will often be impossible to recover your new car fees through selling it later on down the road. With used cars, you pay only for what you get on the car and in the case of extra features, you’re going to get those for FREE on a used car.

Shop For A Used Car Today

If you love all of the great news you’ve read about buying a used car, you’re not alone. More and more people are skipping over the hefty and unncessary fees tacked onto new cars and buying a car that is only a few years old. They get the same new-car feel without having to pay the additional fees. Not only that, but if you’re looking to save a TON of money, you can go for a reliable car that might only have cosmetic blemishes. If you use a car primarily for practical purposes, you can always find a great, reliable car that’s going to take you everywhere you need to go for almost nothing over the years. There are some used cars you can even buy outright. Financing a used car is cheaper as well and will leave your pocketbook thanking you year after year during your ownership in Bikaner.