For many people, their car is the second most expensive and important purchase they make next to their home. Though you may love the idea of tooling around in a brand new sports car, buying a used car is often the smarter decision. Here’s why.

1. The lower the price tag, the less depreciation you have to worry about.

The second you take a new car off the lot, it will depreciate in value by thousands of dollars. Used cars in Firozabad, however, have already depreciated in value, so you’re not paying for the value that it started out with. This is why a used car is a better bargain than a new car. You can still get the car of your dreams, but for a much better deal than if you bought it new. By buying a car that’s just a couple of years old, you can reap many of the same benefits of having a new car – or an almost-new car – without worrying about that big price hit the first, original owner took.

2. Registration fees fall after a few years.

The amount you’ll pay for an annual registration fee is based on your car’s value. When your car is of higher value – like when it’s brand new – the registration fee will be at its highest. However, as the value drops, the registration fee will drop as well. Registration fees tend to be their highest during the first three year’s of the car’s life and then level off after year five. By buying used cars in Firozabad that are at least three years old (or better yet, five years old), you can seriously lower those annual registration costs.

3. Dealer fees are through the roof for new cars.

New car dealers seem to have never-ending fees. Not only will you pay for the high cost of the car plus a ton of sales tax, but you may also pay for fees like rust-proofing, shipping costs, destination fees and the generic “deal preparation” fee. Not only are these fees costly, but it’s unclear what they’re actually for. You’ll end up paying a ton of money for them without even knowing how or if they’ve benefited you at all. With Firozabad used cars, you can avoid these fees and only plan to pay for a trip to the DMV, which includes paying for the title, tag and registration.

4. The purchase price is much lower for a used car.

As if this needed to be said, the purchase price for a used car is considerable lower than that of a new car. The gap between a used and new car can be as much as $20,000 dollars. Yes, with a new car you get that new car smell, plus upholstery that hasn’t been touched and absolutely no mileage, but that isn’t often enough of a temptation to make up for that huge price gap.

5. You have a lot of options when you buy used.

Firozabad used cars aren’t necessarily lesser cars. While new cars are flashy, you’re stuck picking from the current stock. With used cars, you have a ton of selection and can truly find exactly what you want, from body style to features and more. The inventory you’re choosing from is so much wider than if you were picking only from new cars.

6. You can find out vehicle history.

Thanks to technology, you don’t have to wonder what happened to your car before you became its owner. You can check out the history of a used car online to find out what kind of damage or repairs its endured, which will help you make your final decision.

7. Insurance will cost less with a used car.

One major factor that determines the cost of your car insurance is the value of the car. A used car will have a lower value than a new one, even if the used car is in excellent condition, which means your insurance will likely be lower as well. Certain parts of car insurance can be dropped if you have a used car, too, which will keep the cost down as well. For example, older cars don’t always need protection for collision and theft, as a new car would.

Many people find that a brand new car is an unnecessary expense. You may be much happier with a used car you can rely on than a new car that you feel you spent way too much money on, especially consider its value drops the moment you take it home.