If you are looking for a car without breaking the bank, used cars are a great option. Our second hand cars come in good condition and great functionality.Here are the benefits of acquiring used cars.

1. Saving money
Used cars will always sell at a lower price compared to new ones. On average, used cars go for almost half the price of the same new car.You will be able to pay off a second-hand car faster than acquiring a new one. At the end, you will have saved on a considerable amount of money as opposed to buying a new car.

2. Few Charges on Purchase

A new car can come tagged with crazy fees. Such fees include shipping costs, destination charges, and dealer services. Some new cars also include hidden advertising fees that the buyer pays when purchasing the car. Our Ahmedabad used cars come with minimal additional costs since you will only need to pay for the car’s documentation.

3. Avoid Depreciation

New cars depreciate so quickly that the value goes below what you would expect if you were to sell it. Reduction in value starts as soon as you drive the car off the lot. Over weeks, months and years the value keeps going down. With a used vehicle, the depreciation has already occurred hence no need to worry about drastic depreciation. Some used cars even gain value as time passes.

4. Well Inspected And Certified

When buying a used car from us, be assured that the car has gone through inspection and certification. Therefore, you will not need to go through the certification process yourself. Before a new car is certified, it has to go through thorough inspection in terms of functionality and quality. Our used cars in Ahmedabad go through inspection and certification by manufacturers and other significant authorities which assure the vehicle is of high quality.

5. Small Customization Costs

Used cars do not require expensive customization since the original one has been done in the past. If you opt to add on a few aspects, you can settle for low-cost deals. It is an excellent way to spend the money you will save during purchase.

6. Sales Tax

Every purchase of a new car totals up to tax issues. Most states subject new cars to sales tax but not used ones. In some countries, if you buy a used vehicle from a private seller, you will not pay any sales tax. Most car dealers usually add the sales tax to the price of the new car making it more expensive.

7. Low Insurance Premiums

If a new car is involved in an accident, the insurance will pay for what the car is worth at the time of the crash. That leaves a significant gap between the original price and its current value. In most cases, insurances will pay the difference between the value of the car at purchase and its depreciated value. With used cars, depreciation has already occurred and will not necessarily require gap insurance in case of an accident.

8. Warranties

Some used cars still hold part of the original warranties. Others have options of creating new warranties when original ones expire. When a used car has an extended manufacturer warranty, the factory can offer their trained technicians for repairs. Manufacturer warranties ensure your vehicle is repaired using quality parts matching the model of the car.

9. Safer For The Environment

A significant amount of carbon dioxide a car produces occurs during manufacture and shipment. Hybrid vehicles utilize lithium-ion and lead acid which pose a high environmental impact from the release of toxic gases. Used cars have a less environmental impact as they have reduced carbon dioxide output.

10. Lower Annual Fees

The cost of annual registration fees depends on the value of the car and the model year. Usually, the rate is highest for the first few years and then becomes constant after five years. A car used at least for three years will help you save more money since the owner will have paid the initial fees. Your part will be to pay for the constant charges each year for your car’s registration.


When deciding on which car to buy, you should look beyond the total cost of the car. But, you cannot compare how much you will save by purchasing a used car. The amount you will spend on operation costs, annual registrations, and insurance premiums will be much lower than that of a new car. When you purchase from us, you are guaranteed of quality cars with standard certification and free form sales tax.