Buyers of used cars in Pune have known for years that there’s a great deal of savings and value to be had in buying a used car instead of a new one. Perhaps that’s why Pune used cars are so popular with buyers. Instead of paying an additional $20,000 to roll off the lot in a new car, buyers have grown wiser and driven off the lot in a used car that’s just as valuable, but not as expensive, as the same car was just a couple of short years ago.

Benefits of Buying a Used Car

Used cars Pune have many advantages over new cars. It’s impossible to cover all of them here, but even the short list of advantages in buying a used car will give you an idea of all the money you’ll be saving by doing so.

Top benefits of buying used cars in Pune

1. Less depreciation: When you buy new, it’s true that you’re driving off the lot in a car in pristine condition. It feels great that first year, driving a car with zero miles and knowing that it’s the newest car on the block. Unfortunately, the depreciation value of new cars is astronomical. In just a couple of short years, the same car is going to be worth thousands and thousands of dollars less. That’s when a fortunate used car buyer will get an almost identical car in near-new condition, savings thousands of dollars in the process.

2. Sales tax savings: Sales tax on new cars is unfairly high. You end up paying almost the value of an old used car just in sales tax on a new one. This large sum of money which goes to literally nothing having to do with the car itself is a lot to lose for some buyers. Used cars, on the other hand, can have as little as NO SALES TAX. If you buy from a private seller, you are hit with no state sales tax. If you buy from a dealership, the sales tax will be significantly lower than tax on a new car. See how the savings are mounting up?

3. No dealer fees: The dealer fees on new cars are notoriously bloated, such as the much hated “dealer preparation fee” which goes out of your pocket just because the dealer feels like it. You won’t be paying new car dealer fees on a used car. Basically, you’re paying for the car you’re getting, and for frugal car shoppers this is the ONLY thing you’ll want to pay on.

4. Warranty options: One of the biggest reasons that people buy new is because of the manufacturer warranty and the fact that repair costs will be covered. Used car buyers can take advantage of the same thing, though. You can purchase an extended warranty and other warranties that used car dealers offer to you. Used car dealers are exceptionally generous in offering warranties even on cars that have over 100,000 miles.

5. Still get the features you want: You’re going to save money on the additional dealer features that were tacked onto your used car when it was new. If you have features that you absolutely love and must have, you can shop around for a used car that has just those features. The best part is, you won’t pay a dime extra on them.

Shop For A Used Car Today

Used cars have grown a solid reputation in the car industry for being exceptional values. A “new car” is never new forever and with the high depreciation in value over just a couple of years, buying used just makes more good sense these days. You can always buy “lightly used” cars and pay a bit extra to get the same massively expensive car that some other paid for just a year ago. This enables you to drive a beautiful, luxurious car without having to pay all of those bloated new car prices.

If you like what you’ve read about used cars, just know that there is always that dream car out there for you that has been used before but still retains the same great features and exterior that someone else paid far too much for when it was new. Take advantage of this and start hunting for your dream car. It’s out there somewhere, just waiting to save you money on your next car. With a used car, you’ll drive away in something that you can truly afford and enjoy.