Are you considering buying a car? If you are running out of funds to get a new car, purchasing a used one is a great alternative. Our used cars in Kolkata come in good condition and guarantee durability and function. The following are the benefits of are the benefits of acquiring used cars.

1. Saves You Money

Used vehicles sell at a considerably low price compared to new ones. Some cars sell at almost half the price of a new car of the same model. It is easier to settle your car’s payment for a shorter period compared to purchasing a new one. Eventually, you will save money and spend less money compared to buying a new car.

2. Minimal Additional Costs On Purchase

A new car can carry extra fees on purchase. These fees include shipping charges, destination fees, and motor dealer services. Some new cars comprise additional advertising chargers which reflect on the total cost of acquiring the car. Kolkata used cars have no hidden charges when purchasing the car. You will only be required to pay for your vehicle’s document fees.

3. Depreciation Will Have Occurred

New cars depreciate as soon as you drive off the yard. The value decreases so quickly such that the amount you can gunner after selling it would be considerably lower than the original purchase price. Depreciation occurs each day, week or month you use your car. For used cars, the depreciation has already occurred hence no need to worry about losing the value of your car quickly. Some models of used vehicles gain value as time elapses.

4. Inspection and Certification of The Car

When buying our Kolkata used cars,be guaranteed that the car has been passed through detailed inspection and certification. Therefore, you will not have to facilitate the certification process. Before certification of a new car, it has to go through systematic inspection to evaluate suitability in functions and quality. Our used go through inspection and certification by respective manufacturers and other relevant authorities which assure the vehicle is of high quality.

5. Lower Customization Costs

Used cars do not require much customization since the original one has been done in the past. If you decide to add on a few elements to your car, you can settle for affordable services. The money you will save from purchasing the car will help you customize it to your preference.

6. Free from Sales Tax

Every sale of new cars brings about settling tax revenues. Some countries ensure new cars pay sales taxes while in some countries, if you buy a used vehicle from a private seller, you will not be subjected to sale taxes. Sale taxes are usually added to the total price of the new car raising the purchase price.

7. Lower Insurance Premiums

If your new car is involved in a car crush, your insurance is most likely to an amount equivalent to the value of your car at the time. That creates a gap between the original cost and the current value. Most insurance companies will pay the difference between the car’s purchase price and its depreciated value. With used cars will not necessarily need gap insurance since the depreciation has already occurred.

8. Car Warranties

Some used cars still have valid warranties. Others have options of renewing warranties when original ones expire. Used cars with an extended warranty from the manufactures can utilize repair services from trained technicians. These warranties guarantee repair of your vehicle using quality parts from the manufacturer.

9. Reduced Environmental Impact

New cars release a significant amount of carbon dioxide during manufacture and shipping. Some new vehicles use lithium-ion and lead acid which pose a significant environmental impact due to the release of toxic gases. Used cars have a reduced carbon dioxide output hence safer to the environment.

10. Standard Annual Fees

The total cost of annual registration charges depends on the vehicle’s value and model. Usually, the rate is highest for the first few years after purchase but decreases after five years. A three year old car does not attract high initial charges for annual registration as the owner will have settled the fees. Your will only be needed to pay the constant charges for registration each year.


A used vehicle will save you money during purchase, maintenance and on operational fees. You will not have to worry about acquiring a certification, paying costly premiums or high annual charges. When you purchase Kolkata used cars, you will be assured of quality vehicles with no hidden costs and free from sale taxes.