Buying a car these days is no longer a preserve of the rich; it is possible to get a good car at an affordable price. Buying used cars in Vijayawada nowadays no longer means that you only get to choose from poor, decrepit machines. We have many used cars in excellent quality that are easy on your pocket too. Here are some of the reasons why buying a used car is a better idea compared to the purchase of a new one.


It is a well-known fact that used cars are easier on the pocket as compared to new vehicles. If you are looking to get a car loan to help you buy one, many lenders have now warmed up to helping people buy used cars.

A used car is a better choice for you if:

• You need a bigger car than your budget can accommodate if you were to buy it new from the showroom.

• If you regularly switch vehicles, then a used car also becomes a more viable option to do this.

Good Mechanical Conditions

The days when used cars used to be thoroughly beaten up are far behind us. Most people on average use their vehicles for five years before selling them. The relatively brief period of use has led to many pre-owned vehicles that are still in good mechanical conditions being made available.Any potential buyers in the market for used vehicles can now rest assured they can secure a car of their choice that is also well maintained.

Insurance Is Cheaper

A new car usually attracts a much higher insurance premium than a used car. This is because the value of a new car is much greater than that of a used car, which has depreciated over time. As a result, the total appraised value of the used car is lower. Therefore, the resulting value of insurance premium is low. Buying used cars in Vijayawada becomes cheaper in the long run due to more affordable insurance premiums as compared to buying new cars.


Used cars sold through company outlets usually come with an accompanying warranty.
The warranty on these cars is however fixed and covers a certain number of kilometers covered within a particular period.Purchasing a price friendly vehicle that comes with a warranty is a great way to get maximum value for your money.

You Get a Better Vehicle and More Feature Options

If you opt to buy a new car from the showroom, you are most times limited to spending much higher on an entry or lower level vehicle with minor features. The main reason for this is because, on a model for model comparison, new cars have a much higher market value attached. You, therefore, become limited in what feature options you can get.
A used car, on the other hand, has a lower overall market value attached to it. The same budget that you use on a comparable new car, when used to buy a used car, enables you to afford more feature options.You are also able to get a car that is a few segments higher in the class when buying a used car than when purchasing a new car. Our used cars in Vijayawada, therefore, become a much more viable option for people looking for more features at affordable prices.

Pre-Delivery Check

Cars sold by a company outlet not only come with an after sales warranty but also a pre-delivery check. Certified engineers carry out a full assessment of the car to ensure it is in top condition before placing it for sale. This gives you peace of mind concerning the verified quality of the pre-owned car you want to buy.

A Lower Depreciation Rate

A new car straight from the factory loses a sizable portion of its value once you drive it off the lot. In its first few years of use, a new car faces a drastic fall in its value due to high depreciation. A used car, on the other hand, faces a much lower rate of depreciation with continued use. Since it is pre-owned, it means that you will lose lesser resale value as you use it as compared to a new car.


If you are looking to buy a car, you are no longer forced only to consider purchasing a new one. Used cars are now easily found and in excellent mechanical condition. Their affordability makes them a better choice for many people. Buying a used car has now become a practical solution instead of spending more for a new car.