Buying a car doesn’t have to be a stressful endeavor. Thanks to the technology powering lists of new and used cars in Ranchi, you can easily have your pick of a vehicle that meets your exact specifications. Buyers usually begin with the age old question: To buy used or new? While there are advantages to buying a new car if you’re not on a budget, most of the time everyone who wants to buy a car should at least consider the perks of buying used. Buying used cars in Ranchi has become a more favorable option for a decade now, as more people realize that the value of a new car quickly depreciates and becomes non-existent after the first year.

Benefits of Buying a Used Car

Yes, a new car has those crisp, fresh seats and that shiny new exterior. There’s no doubt that a used car is elegant and faces a longer lifespan than perhaps a very used car might. The question is, is the new car price worth what you will pay for it after everything else is taken into consideration.

Why buy used?


The price of a new car is going to include not just the value of the car you’re going to drive off the lot. It’s going to include a lot of additional dealership fees that will elevate the price to an often unfair amount. You’ll pay a ton of money on sales tax plus a ton of money on things like “dealer advertising fees” that went into selling you the car. Used cars come with none of this excess in fees. What you pay for is what you’re going to drive off the lot. New cars are also plain out more expensive than used cars. Given the speedy depreciation of a new vehicle, what you pay for this year will quickly become only half as valuable over the next two years.


Used car warranties have become more prominent in recent years as people have realized the value of buying used. Now you can get a great warranty on a used car just like you get one on a new car, all without having to pay a huge sum of money up front.

Smaller down payment

Buying used means you’ll get a much smaller down payment because the bottom dollar price will be much less than a new car. This saves you money for other parts of your budget that might suffer if you’d bought a new car. It’s the smaller down payment and lower price that makes buying used such a great option for families that must stick to their household budget or else face a financial crisis.

Better selection

The majority of new cars will be outside the price range of a person who has to stick to a budget to buy a car. For this reason, your used car selection is going to open up a larger selection of cars to choose from so that you don’t have to settle for a car you don’t even like, just because you can afford it. There is a plentiful selection of used cars Ranchi citizens can choose from when they go to shop for a car. Don’t settle for a car you can afford. Buy a used car that you truly love.

Shop For A Used Car Today

Shopping for a used car is easier now than it has ever been before. There is a wealth of places to find used car selections that will be larger than any affordable new car selection out there. Mobile apps have come a long way in the years since people first opened their flipphones. Now it’s possible to see thousands of used cars all in one place. You can choose which features you want, price range, color, and location to make your used car search easier. With all of these options, there’s no good reason to skip browsing used cars before deciding whether to buy new or used.

Once you’ve seen the selection of like-new used cars out there, it’s likely that you will decide to buy used this time and perhaps even for the foreseeable future as well. Shopping for a used car is a lot of fun, especially when you see the rock bottom prices on even the newest of used vehicles. You’re certain to find something you love among the many thousands of great used cars out there in the world today.