In the market for your next vehicle?

Buying used cars in Noida is almost always the way to go. New cars have a few appealing qualities of their own, but are they really worth the money? You get to say that you have a new car, but it isn’t new anymore after you’ve been driving it. And they have that new car smell, but that also goes away.

Let’s take a look at why used cars Noida are the superior option.


Most car shoppers have a budget in mind, which means getting the best deal is important to them. When it comes to value, there’s really no comparison between used and new cars.

With a new car, you’re paying for the fact that it’s new. Just because no one has previously owned the car makes the price much higher. It’s not a matter of the car’s performance or reliability. You could turn around and sell the car you bought new a week later, and you’d need to accept less because it’s not new anymore.

There are two periods of time when a car’s value drops significantly. These are when someone first buys it, and in the first three to five years of its life. When you look at Noida used cars, you can buy a car that has already gone through its two largest periods of depreciation.

Will your used car depreciate? Yes, but it won’t happen anywhere near as quickly as it would with a new car, and it won’t happen the moment you take possession of the car. The factors that contribute to a car’s value are age, mileage and condition. With a used car, none of those factors are going to change right when you buy it.


Because new cars are overvalued in comparison to used cars, shopping used allows you to afford a higher quality car for the same amount of money you would have spent on a new car.

Maybe instead of buying that new Hyundai or Honda, you opt for a Lexus or BMW that’s around the same price because it’s a couple years old. Or perhaps you get the same Hyundai or Honda you were originally looking at, only from an earlier model year, and save thousands for it.


This used to be one of the key reasons why car shoppers went to the dealers for new cars instead of taking the risk of getting a used car. After all, a new car comes with a warranty to give you peace of mind.

The reality is that car technology has gotten much better over the past decades, and used cars are very reliable. Sure, a new car may have a warranty, but you probably won’t even need to use it.

Although you would expect a new car to be more reliable than a used car, that’s not always true. With consistent maintenance, both new and used cars can last beyond 200,000 miles. But with new cars, there are occasionally underlying issues.

You expect a new car to be reliable, but there’s always the possibility that the manufacturer later needs to issue a recall for a defective part. With a used car, you’ll have a better idea of what issues there are, if any.

Extra Savings

The difference in what you pay for a used car and what you pay for a new car aren’t as simple as the sticker price. If you buy a used car private party, you avoid taxes, a savings you can’t get with a new car.

Insurance premiums tend to be lower when you’re insuring a used car as opposed to a new car. When insuring a new car that you’re financing with a loan, you also typically need to have gap coverage, an additional expense. The cost of registering a car will be lower if it’s used.

And, of course, with a new car there are plenty of extras the dealer will attempt to throw in. Some of these are completely useless, and others are useful but overpriced. You can say “no” to all of them, but the salesman will often find a way to convince you. Expect to have more extra costs with a new car than you would with a used car.

A car is an exciting purchase. Since it’s such a large expense, it’s in your best interest to think it through and go with the option that makes the most sense financially, which will be a used car.