As one of the largest cities in India, Patna is an ideal location to shop for a car. With over 1 million people living in this beautiful area of India, it’s natural that many people come here to find great deals on cars. What they’ll find is that the majority of the good deals are on the used car side. If you’ve never explored the possibility of buying a used car, today is the best time to research this matter further.

Used cars have a few more miles on them. In some cases, they have many more miles on them. What makes up for that fact, though, is the significantly lower down payment and price tag of a used car. The depreciation of new car value is one of the chief reasons that used cars are a better option today than they’ve ever been before. A new car’s value will depreciate so much over the first year that by the end of the year, the new car’s payments will still be sky high but the value of the car is already drastically falling.

Benefits of Buying a Used Car

Used cars in Patna don’t depreciate at the same dramatic rate as their new car counterparts. In the majority of cases, you get a lot more value with a used car. Why? Let’s take a closer look.

The price of the car

Used cars are cheaper than new cars. This much is true and it’s a well-known fact. What used car buyers fear, though, is that they’ll get a car that is somehow worth less than a new car. In fact, despite a bit of wear and tear or cosmetic issues, a used car can be like new. The difference will be in the bottom line price. A one year old car can be as much as 40% less to buy than the same car a year previously. If the car has been well-maintained and taken care of, you’re getting a car in new condition at a hugely lower price.

Avoid dealer fees

Used cars let you avoid the costly dealer fees that are tacked onto new cars. Dealers love to charge you extra for that new car smell. You’re paying for their “preparation fees” and “advertising fees” without getting anything in return for it. The final price of a new car is going to include a lot of things that are abstract and don’t add at all to the value of your car. Used cars don’t entail the same kind of dealer fees as new cars and if you buy from a private seller, you won’t pay a dime on dealer fees OR sales tax. If that’s not a great reason to buy a used car, take a look at features.

New car features, used car price

If you have a certain amount of features that you want, then you can look for them in your used car search. People who buy a new car pay extra for those features and it’s added in their final price tag. They’re dealer alterations that actually cost them money. Not so with used cars. A used car with a dealer feature isn’t going to cost you one extra dime. Its benefit is there without additional cost to you.

Registration fees are lower on used cars

Car registration fees can be sky high for new cars but they steadily drop when a car hits between 2 and 5 years of age. What this means for you is that you’ll pay lower registration fees on a used car and still get the same registration you need to legally drive the car on the road. Great news for used car buyers!

Shop For A Used Car Today

Shopping for a used car in today’s world is as easy as setting your search parameters. Search by location, price, dealership, model, make, and many more variables, and then get the car you love for a price you can actually afford. You’re going to have so many options when you buy used. You can afford to buy a much NICER car that’s perhaps a bit older than you would have bought new, and no one you know will even know the car is used by the time you’ve hit your second year with it. A used car buyer is most definitely a smart car buyer, especially those who buy their used cars in Patna, where there are so many great deals on used cars.