Don’t let shopping for a car become a source of stress. Take a deep breath, think of a car you’d love to drive, and consider buying used instead of new. This will open the gates of possibility for you and allow the car of your dreams to be yours by the end of the month. How? It’s simple. Cars depreciate so much in value after they’re purchased that even the most expensive of cars can become affordable when they’re purchased as a used car instead of a new one.

Depreciation is a serious term you need to be familiar with if you want to buy a car. This concept alone demonstrates exactly why used cars are so much cheaper than new cars. In some instances, a model of car can depreciate a whopping 40% in the first year alone. The great news for used car buyers is that just because the car’s value has depreciated doesn’t mean that the car is any less reliable, useful, or cosmetically pleasing than it was when it was new. Picky used buyers always have the option to buy a “like-new” car that will still be stunningly cheaper than a new car.

Why You Should Buy A Used Car

Price is one of the biggest reasons to buy a used car instead of a new one. Let’s say you start out with a car budget of a certain amount. This is all you have to spend up front. This immediately eliminates many of the new car choices you would have. Used cars in Salem are much less expensive up front than new cars. If you keep your options for a used car open, you’ll quickly see exactly why you’re likely to land a better car when you buy used.

Perks of buying used cars in Salem

1. More cars to choose from: You’re on a budget. Most people are. It makes sense that since used cars are usually cheaper than new cars, you’re going to be able to have a greater selection to choose from if you buy used. Not only this, but you’re likely to be able to afford a much BETTER car used than new. Just because a car has been used doesn’t mean that it’s going to be less safe or reliable. As long as you properly maintenance a used car and see to it that you keep up with repairs, you’re likely to get a very high quality used car that will work just as well as a new car… except for cheaper.

2. Save on car registration fees: Car registration can be fairly pricey early on in a car’s life. Don’t get caught up in very high car taxes and registration fees. Buy used instead and get significantly lower registration fees each year.

3. Skip dealer fees on new cars: Dealer fees on new cars are insultingly high. There are fees like “advertising fees” and “preparation fees” where it seems like the dealer is simply jacking the price up by naming his own responsibilities and charging you for them. When you buy used, you don’t have to worry about paying excessive dealer fees which can get really ridiculous at some dealerships. What you pay for is the actual value of the car that you’re driving off the lot, and that’s the only thing most people want to pay for anyway.

4. Grab add-on features free: When people buy a new car, they often pay for optional features on their new vehicle. They paid money for this but when you buy that car on down the line, you don’t pay for those optional features. They come with your car, pre-installed. Many used car searches will allow you to search specifically for cars with certain features, allowing you to grab some great car add-ons for nothing.

Ready To Buy A Used Car?

Don’t let the term “used” bother you. Once you get past the unfairly derogatory “used” label, what you have is a car that is in a certain year of its life. You driving a car in, for example, 2017 simply means you’re driving that car. Even if you had purchased that car NEW, you would still be driving it in 2017, and it would still be used. In reality, all cars that have been sold off a lot are going to be used. When you buy used in the first place, you never have to pay that bloated new price that the original buyer paid in the beginning. That’s your good fortune.