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FAQ If you’re on this page, it means you’re looking for a car lease. But, before you proceed – it’s important you understand the difference between leasing and buying. It’s crucial you understand if/why leasing might be right for you. Zooomr firmly believes that before you get a Los Angeles car lease, you should understand what you’re actually getting.

When you buy a car – regardless of whether you pay with cash, or finance it, the car belongs to you. You have to keep making payments, per the terms of your loan, but it belongs to you. When you lease a car, you don’t own it. You are paying for the use of the vehicle, but the lender you leased it through owns the car. That’s why you pay less per month, than if you had bought the car.

If you’re buying a car and financing it, you need to make a down payment. You can also trade in another car, and use the equity in it towards your down payment. The cost of the down payment is going to be based on the lender’s requirement and/or your credit score. When you lease a car, you don’t need to put a down payment. All you have to pay is the first month’s payment, security deposit, the acquisition fee, and other fees and taxes. If you want to lower your monthly payments, you can pay more upfront.

When you buy a car, it’s worth whatever you can sell it for in the future. This depends on how you maintain it, etc, and the type of car you get. In most leases, you don’t have to worry about future value since you don’t own the car.

Once you pay off the car, you own it. The lender will send you the “title” in the mail, as proof that you own the car now. With car leases, most people typically return the vehicle back at the end of the leases terms. Some, like to purchase it during the lease, or at the end of the lease. This is your choice.

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