When you live in a city such as Stockton, you’re fortunate to have a lot of options. You can call for grocery delivery from your favorite supermarkets. You can save on parking fees, tolls, and other fees by using public transportation to get to and from work without driving your own car. You can hire a car service to take you out so you don’t have to get in your car after a drink or two and go home. You have options, and that’s just one of the biggest benefits of living in Stockton. Another benefit is the ability to lease a car without worrying you’ll put too many miles on it.

Many people are still a little afraid to lease a car because they only know what they’ve heard their entire lives. A millennial might be against leasing because he always heard his parents talk about what a terrible financial situation it was. They drove their vehicles for years and years, paying them off and then driving them until they died. They were against car payments forever. They were also against leases because it was a time when people had to drive everywhere. Amazon Prime didn’t exist. Shipt wasn’t around, and Uber didn’t know it would eventually be brought to life and give people safe rides. Even public transportation was limited in those days.

The world has changed drastically since your parents told you that leasing was a bad idea, and now it’s one of the wisest financial decisions you can make. You’re different than the previous generation. Millennials aren’t nearly as loyal to anything as their parents, and they’re not afraid to have a forever car payment. That’s why leasing is a winning option.

You Get More Car

When you lease a car in Stockton, you get a lot more car than you do when you buy. Since you only pay the depreciation in a series of monthly payments for two or three years, you get a much lower monthly payment that allows you to buy a lot more car. If your purchase budget allows you a mid-size sedan to keep your payment under a certain dollar amount, your lease budget probably includes a luxury sedan, a top-of-the-line convertible, or the full-size SUV with all the frills you’ve been wanting. You get what you want when you lease, and the payment is much more affordable.

You Get More Security

One of the worst things about cars is they don’t always work. When they have a lot of miles on them, bits and pieces start to break down. It’s a large piece of equipment, and little pieces start to have issues, need repairs, and require replacement when a car has been on the road so many miles or so many years. If your warranty is expired, you become liable for all those hefty bills when a car needs repair.

When you drive a lease, you’re not liable for those repair bills. First, your car is never old enough and it’s never been driven enough miles to have any major issues. Second, your car is always equipped with a full warranty because you don’t drive much and you don’t have an older car. It’s a lot of security all wrapped up into one low monthly payment.

You Always Have New Car

The most common lease is anywhere from two to three years, though you can choose a shorter lease or a longer one. It’s up to you, and it’s a good idea to consider your needs before you sign an agreement. Regardless, leasing a new vehicle means you only drive it a few years before you have a new vehicle. The new-car smell is one you live with for the rest of your life.

The other benefit to this is you always have a new car in your driveway without the stress of figuring out how you can afford it without going over budget. You never need to trade in a car again, which takes a lot of the stress out of car shopping. It’s a lot less expensive to lease in almost every capacity. While your friends are turning in their purchased vehicles before it’s paid off and trying to come up with the cash to pay off the difference between what their car is worth and what they owe, you’re not. You’re getting a new car without paying any fees.

Your lease is going to keep you in a good financial situation for the rest of your life. You might always have a car payment, but it’s much lower. You also never worry you’re going to need to come out of pocket to make a large down payment or even roll over money you still owe on your current car when it’s not worth what you owe. Your financial situation is always positive, and that’s what makes leasing such a good financial option for Stockton residents.

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