What makes St. Paul such a fun city in which to live is the fact so many people never really consider it a top city in which to live. They think of cities such as New York and LA and San Francisco as the type of cities they want to live, and they grossly underestimate what it means to live in St. Paul. It’s not a country town without much in the way of offerings. It’s a big city with all the amenities offered in any of the biggest cities in the country, and it’s the kind of place you should consider living. The cost of living here is significantly less than it is anywhere else, which makes it so much more affordable.

One way you can make St. Paul life even more affordable is through leasing a new vehicle. Why pay such a big payment every month purchasing a new car that doesn’t really have all you want but it does fit inside your budget? Why spend so much money on a car when you don’t even use it that often? With the benefit of having anything you need delivered to your front door in a day or less, you don’t even need a car to get you where you want to go. With ride-sharing services, you’re not taking your car out on the weekends, so why not consider a lease? It might not allow you to put tens of thousands of miles on it every year, but you don’t need to when you live in St. Paul.

It’s Budget-Friendly

Leasing a vehicle in St. Paul fits nicely within your budget. You get to drive a car that’s less than half the price of a car you purchase, and you don’t have to keep it for the rest of your life or until you’ve paid it off. You only have to keep it a few years, and then you get a new car that’s got more features, more upgrades, and all the coolest new technology. The budget-friendly part comes from only paying the cost of depreciation.

The better the car you choose, the less you pay. Cars that hold residual value are the most affordable to lease because you pay a lot less depreciation. This means you get to drive a car that definitely doesn’t fit in the purchase budget when you lease.

Imagine going into a car dealership to find out you can buy that mid-size Toyota sedan with no upgrades for $400 per month. Now imagine going into the dealership to find out you can lease that gorgeous Lexus convertible with all the upgrades for $200 per month. Which would you prefer?

It’s More Fun

You get a much better car to drive when you lease, and you get to have a little more fun with it. It’s more fun to drive a car when you know you always have a warranty to keep you feeling secure and safe. You won’t ever worry that something might happen and you’ll be paying thousands of dollars in repair bills to have a transmission or engine replaced. Your warranty always covers those things because it’s always active. That’s what makes driving a lease so much fun.

It’s also fun because you always have a new car. Every two or three years you get to go into the dealer, wave goodbye to your old car and get a brand-new one. That’s a fun benefit most people love more than any of the others.

The Downside

The only time leasing isn’t right for St. Paul residents is when you drive long distances. You should keep your driving to at or under 12,000 miles per year if you want to lease. You do have the option to upgrade your mileage allowance each year for a nominal fee, but most people keep their miles relatively low.

If you’re someone who drives your cars for years past the date you make that final payment, you probably don’t care much for car payments. This means leases probably aren’t good for you. You’ll always have a car payment with a lease. It’s a low payment, and it’s for a much nicer car, and you have a lot less stress with a lease, but it’s still a payment. If you don’t love that, you don’t love the idea of leasing.

St. Paul residents have a lot of dealerships with great lease options to choose from. Sit down and consider your budget and what you drive now. If you’re looking for something a lot more fun, something bigger and more expensive, or something you really want, you might consider a lease. It’s going to cost you less and provide you with more, which is a great way to drive.

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