Car leasing is something more people are doing now than ever before. The changes in the economy in the past few years, the changes in the way people view their finances, and the changes in technology make it possible for more buyers to view leasing as a better option for their financial situation. The fact that leasing is more affordable helps buyers make wiser decisions on the showroom floor, and it allows buyers a chance to get what they really want. This is a society in which new car buyers are not happy unless they have precisely what they want without making any sacrifices, and leasing vehicles is the only way to make that happen.

Buying vs. Leasing

Buying a new car means figuring out what monthly payment you can fit into your budget and finding a car that fits that need. If you can afford to make a payment no more than $500 per month, you might find yourself shopping for vehicles that cost $30,000 or less. This means looking for less expensive vehicles, vehicles with fewer options, or used vehicles to get more of what you want. There is very little room to negotiate payments when you want something upscale, high-end, and brand-new.

Leasing a new car means figuring out what you can afford to pay monthly and finding out nearly every car on the market fits right into your budget. You can’t buy a brand-new Mercedes full-size sedan for $30,000 and $500 per month, but you can lease one for a smaller monthly payment than that. It’s what makes leasing a better option for many drivers. You get what you want, you don’t make nearly as many sacrifices, and you always get to drive a new car.

You Determine the Affordability

You get to choose how much you pay each month based on the type of car you buy. It’s true you can lease a luxury car for a lot less than you can buy a regular car, but you also have more options in terms of price negotiation. You can lease for two years or three on average, or you can change the timeframe to make it work better for your budget. You can agree to the standard 12,000 miles per year or you can negotiate more miles every year for a slightly higher price. You get to choose what you pay each month based on what you want in a car, and it makes a much bigger difference when you lease than it does when you buy a new car.

You Pay Less At Every Corner

Leasing is more affordable on a monthly basis, but it’s also more affordable in other aspects. You pay far less when you leave the dealership. You don’t put down any money for most leases. If you do put money down, it’s very little. You don’t pay as much sales tax since you’re not paying for the entire vehicle. You don’t pay for maintenance with many leases since dealers want to be sure you’re taking maintenance seriously. They know consumers are more likely to take their cars in for oil changes, balances, and rotations when it’s paid for by the dealer than when they pay for it themselves. Your warranty never expires with a lease since it’s not going to become old enough in your possession. This means fewer issues, and any issues you do encounter are covered under your warranty.

It’s easy to see why leasing is a better option for most buyers. You get what you want, you get to afford a lot more car for a lot less money, and you get to choose your terms. You pay less, it’s more affordable, and it means you always have the satisfaction of driving precisely what you want. By the time you’re tired of one car, it’s about time to take it back and lease a new one.

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