If you’re not familiar with leasing, it’s time to consider it as a new way of car shopping. The process of buying new cars has changed dramatically in the past few years, and it’s become a much more suitable option for financing. It’s nowhere near as different than buying as you might assume, but it offers many buyers with a specific set of needs more options.

– Buyers get a new car regularly
– You aren’t tied down to car ownership
– It’s more affordable
– It allows for more luxury
– Trade-in stress is a thing of the past
– It’s more financially savvy

Leasing is an option today for many buyers who simply want more out of their vehicles. More luxury, more savings, and more options are just a few of the biggest benefits of driving a lease. If you’re worried about mileage, don’t worry. It’s negotiable, and it’s something you should be conscious of regardless whether you lease or buy. It’s an option for many consumers because you should avoid excess mileage to maintain the value of a car. The past is over, and that means buying a car to own it for a decade or more is over. People want luxury, efficiency, and options out of their vehicle. That’s why leasing is the best option.

It’s Affordable

Leasing means paying only a portion of the cost of a new car. Rather than paying the entire cost of a new car, you get to pay a small portion that’s called depreciation. This is the amount of money the car loses in value when it’s driven off the lot. It’s something that happens to all cars whether they’re purchased or leased, and no one is safe from depreciation. It’s a huge factor for buyers when it’s time to trade because it typically means buyers owe more than their vehicle is worth. This makes it difficult to trade. In terms of immediate affordability, leasing allows you to finance a very small portion of the vehicle, which makes monthly payments very low.

There are fewer fees associated with leasing as well. Down payments aren’t always required, and they’re very small if they are required of a buyer. Sales tax on a car is expensive to pay, but it’s far less expensive when you lease since you’re only paying a small portion. Since dealers need leased cars to come back in excellent condition, many even offer free basic maintenance to consumers to get them to bring it in without spending money.

It’s Freeing

If you’re the type of person who changes your mind regularly, enjoys driving new cars, and wants to avoid being tied down to a car for the next 60 to 84 months, a lease is an option for you. It’s going to allow you a brand-new car every two to three years without any of the issues that come with trading cars in, and it means you get to drive more luxurious vehicles.

Many people prefer options, and leasing allows more options that fit nicely into your budget. You might be able to afford to buy a Kia brand-new, but now you can afford to lease a Mercedes brand-new for the same price or less than buying that Kia. You can save a lot of money and choose from many different vehicles when you go with the lease option.

Leasing is financially savvy because most people don’t keep their cars. They get rid of them, but they also roll what they still owe on their old car after payoff into a new car. This makes the new car more expensive, puts you further upside down when you’re shopping for a new car, and it only makes buying a more difficult process in the future. Leasing doesn’t cause you financial stress when it’s time to find the new car you’ve been wanting.

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