Many consumers feel there is a major difference between leasing and buying a new car. There are several major differences, but these two methods of car buying are nowhere near as different as many believe. They’re quite similar, and the differences only prove how much more beneficial leasing is to those looking for a new car. Leasing and buying are very similar in terms of how they work. Both require you have a good credit score to get a great rate, and both require you finance a new car. The difference is you finance a car for purchase for years longer.

A lease typically lasts only two to three years on average. Buying a car means financing your car anywhere from five to seven years depending on the year, make, model, and price of the vehicle. The other difference is you don’t own your car when you lease. Unless you pay off your car when you purchase it, you still don’t own it. Since most consumers never keep a vehicle long enough to pay it off, buying a new car is a lot like leasing a new car.

If you’re not keeping your purchased car long enough to pay it off, you’re not doing yourself any financial favors. You’re financing a car for a long time, paying the full amount, and causing financial stress when you want a new car. Most people always owe more than their car is valued for the moment they drive off the lot. It’s depreciation, and it’s nearly impossible to reverse this unless you make a large down payment. When you drive a lease, you’re only paying the depreciation. You also won’t find yourself upside down or in financial trouble when you want a new car since the lease end means you have no more relationship with this car. If that’s not enough to make you want to lease your next vehicle, there are more benefits.

Leasing is Affordable

When you lease, you only pay the depreciation. This is substantially less expensive than the cost of a whole car, which means your monthly payment on a lease is a fraction of the cost of a monthly payment on a car you buy. This also opens the door for you to lease a car you could never afford to buy. Have you ever wanted to drive a new Mercedes or Range Rover? Now might be a good time to do that if you’re looking to lease. These monthly payments are so affordable you almost can’t forgo wanting one.

Leasing is Short-Term

Many consumers are afraid of a commitment. They’re not working at the same job for more than a few years, they’re not living in the same house for more than a few years, and they’re not driving the same car for more than a few years. You have options with a lease, and that option is called getting a new car every two or three years without the financial hassle of trading in another car. You can change your mind about what you drive, get a new car every few years, and you always have precisely what you want.

Leasing Means More Security

Many people consider new cars safer. They have warranties, they are less likely to break down, and they are more affordable to own. As they get older and warranties expire, older cars become a lot more expensive than you imagine. You must pay for costly repairs to maintain your car, and you worry about the safety and reliability of it. With a lease, you never drive a car longer than the warranty is good, and you always have the security of a new car in your driveway.

Leasing is the new best option for many drivers, but sometimes you just need to understand how it works before you consider it. Leasing is affordable, it’s financially savvy, and it’s the best way to spend your money when it’s time to buy a new car.

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