San Antonio, Texas is a state known for its inventiveness. Robert Cade, a proud native of the state of Texas, invented Gatorade as a way to beat the tough San Antonio heat. Over 1.1 million people now make their home in the city and benefit from all of the advantages of both Gatorade and modern life. If you’re a resident of San Antonio and want to invent a better way to drive a car, consider the option of car leasing. It’s one of the easiest ways to save money in the short-term future and continue to drive one of the best cars in San Antonio.

The big perks of leasing

The advantages of leasing in San Antonio are endless, but there are a few critical advantages that stand out to most customers. Before picking out a car you want to lease, ask yourself one really important question: Is your credit good? In almost every case, it takes better credit to lease than to buy, so if you can’t afford to finance and buy, you probably won’t be able to lease either. If you answered the question with: Yes! My credit is great, then consider these advantages of leasing.

60% lower monthly payments than buying

Every individual situation will differ but for the most part, leases cost 60% less a month than buying. People with short-term financial obligations that prevent them from buying will be thrilled to know that you can still drive that dream car without completely draining your present finances. Another great bit of news is that your dream car is going to be more possible now than ever before. Because of the reduced monthly payment, you can drive a much better car if you lease than if you buy.

Repair costs are almost non-existent

The bulk of leased cars are newer cars, meaning they are covered by warranty. Anyone who has ever dealt with an expensive car repair knows how disabling they can be to finances. Not only are repairs expensive but they are extremely time-consuming. And scariest of all, if you can’t afford car repairs, you simply don’t have a car anyway. No one wants to buy a car and then have it sidelined by a costly repair. With leasing, your worries are over because a leased car will almost always be covered by warranty. All of your repair costs will be either free or greatly reduced.

Experiment with new cars often

For some folks, a single car for the next 20 years just isn’t the American dream. For these adventurous seekers, leasing is a preferable to buying because they aren’t cornered into a lengthy purchase agreement for the next decade or so. In a few years, after the lease has expired, they can quickly pick out a new “car of their dreams” and be just as satisfied with it as with a car they’d purchased. It’s a great way to experiment with different types of cars while paying lower monthly payments and retaining the right to either buy or give back later on. For many leasing customers in San Antonio, leasing is truly a lease to drive many different cars over the years.

Tax breaks for businesses

Leasing is especially beneficial for commercial operations that depend on cars for their business. This is because of the deductions they can make on their income tax when tax time rolls around. Leased cars have a depreciation value that can be deducted from taxes and you can also deduct the cost of financing the leased car for your business. This is terrific news for small or large San Antonio businesses that need to lease cars for their business.

Welcome to the world of leasing

If you love the benefits you’ve read about, leasing a car in San Antonio, Texas is easy. If you’ve got excellent credit and don’t want to invest in buying a car just yet, it’s as simple as walking on the lot and picking out the car you want to drive away in. It’s important to have good communication with the dealership about the terms of the lease. For example, if you plan to drive the car a lot, you need to make sure you know what the annual set mileage is for the car you’re leasing. Usually it’s around 15,000 miles a year. If that’s within your annual driving range, leasing is a great option and you can lease a car just as easily as you can buy one.

The benefits of leasing only work if you live up to your terms of the lease agreement. Make sure you understand it clearly and it should be smooth sailing for the duration of your lease.

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