The Toyota RAV4 sports angled headlights and sharp creased bodywork that unapologetically asserts itself on the road. You’d be foolish, however, to not look beyond the surface of this reliable Japanese-made vehicle, seeing as it also offers a practical, easygoing and comfortable ride. The engine generates 176 horsepower while you can choose from either a four-speed or a six-speed automatic engine. You can also choose between the standard front-wheel drive, or you can go with the all-wheel drive.

Why Lease Toyota RAV4?

You should lease this car because Toyota has always stood out as the boss at the front line of innovation, and in fact, they practically invented the compact crossover during the mid 90s. Even to this day, Toyota remains a home run hitter among automakers with its constant mindset for improvement. The 2017 Toyota RAV4 is the fourth generation of this car, and it has existed since 2012. Like its predecessors, the 2017 RAV4 looks like a small car-based SUV, but a foot to the gas pedal removes all misconceptions about this car and what it can do. For example, you can accelerate from zero to 60 in 8.4 seconds. The RAV4’s solid reputation for comfort, practicality and reliability have made this car the ideal choice for those who commute to work.

The RAV4’s Safety

The 2017 RAV4 boasts a long and impressive list of active safety features and equipment to keep you safe on the highway. Toyota, for example, invented what’s known as Safety Sense-P. This safety feature includes the forward collision warning system, adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist, automatic high beam headlights and a lane departure alert system.

Lease the Platinum Trim

Looking at the RAV4 lineup, Toyota stretched a bit higher than in past years and offers a new trim called Platinum. It’s new for 2017, and includes a monochromatic exterior, luxury features and a heated steering wheel. You also have a power liftgate and a 360-degree camera system to lower the danger that blind spots pose. However, practicality reigns supreme with this crossover, and it sports a versatile and spacious interior. We recommend leasing because unlike with buying outright, you don’t have to pay the money all at once. You sign below the dotted line, and within 24 to 48 hours, we deliver the car straight to your door. We can also deliver it to your office.

Major Redesigns in the Latest RAV4

Every five years, you can expect Toyota to reinvent their cars with some incredible changes and the latest technology. If you want a car that boasts a 6.7-inch infotainment system, the Toyota RAV4 also has more meaningful distinctions to it. The Toyota basically pioneered the crossover segment, so you can also rest assured the company knows what they’re doing when they put new designs on their latest vehicles. If you go to the rear seating of this car, you will have plenty of headroom and leg space. Not to mention, you can recline the seating and live in the lap of luxury. As far as the RAV4’s cargo space goes, you will discover it has a low lift-over height, so you can hoist up a bulky or heavier item without much resistance.

Why Lease the RAV4 through Us?

You should lease the RAV4 through us because we offer a novel new way for you to get your next vehicle. Instead of having to visit the car lot and go through a lengthy sales process, you can lease online through our dealership and never have to step foot on the lot. We will handle everything from negotiating favorable terms with the leasing company to delivering the car to your home or office in Philadelphia. If you’d like to learn more about leasing the RAV4, contact our dealership through our website and we will work with you on your Philadelphia Toyota RAV4 lease deals.

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