The Toyota 4Runner is a mid-sided SUV (sports utility vehicle) that is produced and sold by the Japanese vehicle manufacturer Toyota. The 4-Runner model was first created in 1984 and has been sold internationally across the world since. In 1984 the Toyota 4Runner used a basic Toyota pickup truck and built a fiberglass cover over the bed, but since then has made significant advancements building it into a tough compact to mid-size SUV.

Tough and beefy, the 4Runner looks aggressive whether on or off road. A lifted suspension brings it off the ground that not only works great offroad but also looks great. It uses stylish 20-inch rims and a wide chrome or painted grille plate.

The 4Runner Models were built upon rugged off-road truck origins and were meant to traverse varied off-road conditions. Most models are equipped with a V-6 engine that develops 270 horsepower and 276 lbs of torque, with ample overtake capability. Newer models have several technical advancements available to assist with difficult off-road conditions such as a Crawl Control to slowly go down steep inclines, locking rear differentials to gain traction in muddy or slippery conditions, front row skid plates and suspension upgrades. The optional and specially designed Toyota’s Kinetic Dynamic Suspension automatically adjusts to uneven terrain and allows for a smoother ride. It is rated to tow up to 5000 lbs for carrying behind campers, trailers or other rear hitch pull behinds.

Most owners of these vehicles have considered their 4Runner very comfortable to use and ride in compared to other compact SUVs. They have enough room to accommodate families of 5 or less, being comfortably seated. Tall or large passengers and drivers will pleasantly be able to stroll down the road in whatever adventure you see fit, having plenty of room to relax. Most models use large and user-friendly controls that are large enough to use while going down bumpy roads and read.

All latest models of 4Runner have front row airbags and have an installation option for a Safety Connect system that allows you to call emergency support 24/7. If you have any type of trouble on the road you can use this system to get immediate assistance with the push of a button.

Fuel Economy
You can expect to get around 17 mpg in the city and 21 mpg on the highway, being a little below average for small to large SUVs. Some of its competitors consume a little less than it so if you are planning to use the 4Runner daily you may find this to be an issue. Generally, the known fuel economy of these vehicles does not fluctuate a whole lot when going over varied terrain or at different speeds.


Amazing Resale Value

Long Lasting

Great Off Road Performance

Very Reliable


Low Fuel Mileage

Little Advanced Safety Features

Rides Rough Like A Truck

Overall the Toyota 4Runner is a great choice for individuals who are looking for a durable and tough midsize SUV. They make great family vehicles for rough road conditions and have easy to use controls or features, even with stock parts. Durable and strong the 4Runner will take you through anything. The price may be on the high end for Toyota 4Runners because they are so reliable and are great overall vehicles. If you ever want to resell one that you have owned you can expect to get a great price for your vehicle. Philadelphia Toyota 4Runner lease deals are available near you so you can roll around in one yourself. Go out and give them a try.

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