The elegant Hyundai Sonata sedan pleases safety-conscious drivers. The 2017 models received excellent ratings from testing organizations. With a stylish, aerodynamic appearance, these lovely four-door vehicles offer an impressive five-star NHTSA ranking.(1) They supply available high-tech infotainment and communications features, as well as the flashy, sculpted contours many people seek in a well-rounded business or recreational sedan. Use the Sonata for daily commutes, or take it on long recreational excursions. It furnishes appealing versatility.

Sculpted Exterior Lines

When you consider the Sonata, you’ll notice its sharp, fluid contours first. The arching cabin of this sedan conveys chic sporty qualities. The 2017 models remain available in eight different paint colors.(1) Hyundai will offer seven available colors in 2018, but plans to retain the popular Quartz White Pearl, Symphony Silver, Phantom Black, Scarlet Red and Lakeside Blue shades.(2)

Hyundai modified the exterior of the Sonata slightly to give the 2018 vehicles a somewhat bolder grille in the front. However, new models keep its slanting, slightly angular front headlamps and crisp, shapely appearance. These attractive sedans generate admiring glances.

Interior Opulence

Professional auto reviewers have noted the exceedingly quiet cabin supplied by the 2017 models.(1) Drivers notice the exceptionally comfortable padded seating when they first enter the vehicle. Its sophisticated memory system remembers a driver’s specified seating adjustments, for instance.(3) Once you discover your ideal seating parameters behind the wheel, this sedan will restore them for you upon request. Although some people suggest the 2017 models should supply a bit more leg room in the rear to accommodate taller passengers, for the most part the Hyundai Sonata promises truly opulent travel. The manufacturer made sure key instrument panels remain within easy view of the driver, too.(1) A sensor in the rear of the 2018 vehicles provides automated “hands-free” trunk opening, a boon to anyone traveling with heavy luggage.(3)

The 2018 Sonata also furnishes exceptional convenience in terms of high tech communications and infotainment components. It offers re-charging capabilities for wireless mobile devices. Customers can select available Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to stay connected on the road.(3)

Powerful Mechanical Performance

The 2017 Hyundai Sonata has received some criticism for overall engine horsepower. However, the manufacturer does give customers an impressive 10-year warranty on the engine.(1) Both the SE and the Sport versions offer a 4-cylinder 2.4L basic turbo engines with automatic transmission.(1)

The excellent safety record of the 2017 models will likely carry forward in the recently enhanced 2018 models.(3) The Sonata won’t win races, yet it does perform reliably. Check out new features at your dealership.

Leasing: Pros And Cons

Every lease offers some advantages and disadvantages. Leases usually cover a set maximum number of miles, so these agreements may not suit drivers seeking unlimited auto use. Additionally, investing in a lease won’t allow you to re-sell or trade your vehicle later.

Some benefits associated with leases include the ability to gain experience driving a particular brand without having to commit to a purchase right away. However, some drivers later decide to buy the exact same make and model they previously leased. By the end of the lease period, you’ll know how well the vehicle suits your requirements. Additionally, leasing may help you to save money towards an auto down payment. Paying regular monthly lease amounts on a timely basis helps improve a customer’s credit rating in some situations.

Further Information

For further information about tempting Philadelphia Hyundai Sonata lease deals, contact your local dealership soon. The new 2018 models arrive in the showroom in July.(2) You may discover you’ve launched your search for an attractive purchase or lease at precisely the best time of year to realize some awesome Hyundai Sonata automotive values!

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