Today, the Ford F-150 is one of the most popular trucks on the market, having one of the most successful runs in automobile history. The beginning of the F-Series model Ford truck dates back to the 1940’s and over the years, the Ford F-150 has become the company’s flagship edition. With the introduction of the 2017 F-150, Ford has looked to up-the-ante, making a few major changes to its standard model, as well as the uber-popular Ford F-150 Raptor, which is now designed in the same vein as the 2015 Ford F-150, sporting an aluminum body and a myriad of significant upgrades. The new aluminum body, a sharp contrast to the traditional steel body, allows the Ford F-150 to be one of the lightest full-size truck on the market and making it one of the most serviceable vehicles available. New features, such as the Pro Trailer Backup Assist system, allow for an impressive level of control, previously not seen in earlier editions.

Great fuel economy is one of the most sought-after aspects of a prospective buyer who’s considering a vehicle purchase, and the 2017 Ford F-150 has undergone a few major changes in regards to the engine, in order to improve efficiency in that regard. The optional turbocharged 3.5-liter V-6 engine now has a new 10-speed transmission to go along with it, taking the overall horsepower and torque up a few considerable notches. Although this new addition provides a significant level of increased functionality to the Ford F-150, there are three engine options to choose from, allowing the buyer to choose the level of power that most accurately fits their needs. One of the options, the Ford F-150 Lariat, combines the strength and durability of an exceptional pickup truck, with luxurious quality that is sure to cater to a wide range of tastes.

With the 2017 Ford F-150, their six chief options to choose from, all with their own unique set of enticing features. The trim levels include The Limited, Lariat, XL, XLT, King Ranch, and Platinum. The Raptor is also available, but includes a different set of features, due to its off-road performance credentials. The Ford F-150 is available in three cab styles that include, the regular, SuperCab and SuperCrew, all which allow several bed-length packages. Additionally, each model of the 2017 Ford F-150 is also available with optional upgrades in each package including, power windows, power locks and tailgate, Bluetooth, smartphone app integration, CD player, auxiliary and USB ports.

All models of the 2017 Ford F-150 excel in regards to tow-rating, ranging from the super-efficient Eco-Boost to the powerful 5.0 Liter V-8. Driving the 2017 Ford F-150 proves to be a tantalizing experience, as it excels in all of the major categories, including, acceleration, steering, braking, handling, offroad, and overall drivability. One of the most important characteristics of a quality car is overall safety, in which braking sits at the forefront. According to individual testing of the F-150, the braking system is extremely efficient, suffering but a modest drop-off when loaded with cargo. The handling on the Ford F-150 is at the top of its class, displaying the ability to hug even the tightest corners and providing a level of agility not often seen in full-size pickup trucks.

When considering Philadelphia Ford F-150 lease deals, there is a myriad of factors to consider; comfort, drivability, utility, style, and overall safety are just a few. Overall, the 2017 Ford F-150 performs at an extremely high level when these criteria are factored in, making it one of the highest quality full-size pickup trucks available on the market today.

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