Car leasing is a convenient option for driving enthusiasts who prefer changing automobiles often. Car leasing allows individuals to get the services of their preferred cars on a short term while having an option to upgrade to other cars cheaply and regularly. Leasing a car makes one a temporary owner of the car as long as the lease contract is still valid.

Factors to consider before leasing a car
It is not hard to find a lucrative Philadelphia Ford Escape lease deal. However, before signing that car-leasing contract, you need to consider the following issues:

Mileage limits
Mileage limits define the total distance that a leasing company allows for a leased vehicle to cover. Many leasing firms provide 15,000 miles as the maximum annual distance to be covered by the leased car.

Lease-End condition
It is also important to review and understand fully what kind of car damage a leasing firm is likely to consider a normal wear and tear. This will help you avoid maintenance costs that you had not anticipated.

Lease terms
In almost every lease contract, a long leasing term is attributable to increased chances of a car suffering a mechanical breakdown and excessive wear and tear. It is also prudent to limit the duration of your contract to the length of the manufacturer’s warranty. This is because the period beyond this duration may expose you to various maintenance costs.

It is also imperative to consider the hidden costs that are likely to be levied at the end of your car-leasing contract. The additional costs charged may include drive-off fees and fees that you may incur if you terminate the lease contract prematurely.

Benefits of leasing a Ford Escape
• Shape: The Ford Escape 2017 features a new fresh look making it appealing to most drivers who preferred the ‘trapezoid’ shape. The Escape’s rear has been fitted with a new design of tail lamps that feature a revised styling of its tailgate. This shape gives the car an American look making it a favorite of most local customers.

• A variety of colors: The Ford comes with a range of nine colors to accommodate each customer’s preference. Users who want to stand out can also request a premium paint that can cost up to $450 to give their ride a personal touch.
• Interior: The interior of the Ford Escape is the same as the Ford Kuga, but it is bigger and airy. The Titanium grade car is fitted with a large panoramic sunroof that provides plenty of room for tall drivers.

• Electric brake: The Ford Escape, unlike the Ford Kuga, now come with an electric handbrake. The console has been changed to give room for the placement of cup holders, a key holder, coin tray, a slide cover, and a mobile phone storage area.

• High-end features: The car features an adaptive cruise control and a lane departure assistance, an 8-inch touch screen, a blind spot detection system, and an upgraded forward collision braking system that can handle 31m/h. The car also comes with a rear cross-traffic alert system with a rear-view camera, a power tailgate, and xenon headlamps.

• Cargo space: A 406-liter boot comes with the car, but it can be expanded up to 1603 liters if the 60:40 rear seats are folded. The car has enough room to accommodate a whole family’s luggage on a short family trip.

•  Wind noise: When the Ford Escape is cruising at high speed on the highway, a bit of noise is heard from the car’s exposed parts.

• Limited 4WD: The Ford Escape comes with the standard front-wheel drive with an option of upgrading one of the turbo-charged engines. This does not provide what most people expect of 4WD.

The Ford Escape is a good choice for customers who are likely to consider a car’s performance and economy before leasing it. It is a car that is appropriate for a standard family although it can also be used by young drivers who enjoy having a good driving experience.

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