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Why We Are Different
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Philadelphia Car Leasing Company

What Is a Lease, Anyway?
Most people think of a car lease as similar to renting an apartment. You pay a monthly fee in return for being able to use it for a while. What sets a car lease apart from a rental is that a lease is a customizable contract that sets the terms of how long you’ll have the car and how far you can drive it. From the vehicle owner’s perspective, every mile driven reduces the car’s value. Your lease payments are simply an offset for that depreciation.

Why Go For a Philadelphia Car Lease?
The simple answer is that leasing is a far more affordable option than buying. Leasing gives you access to exactly the car you want without a huge down payment and large monthly payments on a vehicle that is steadily losing value every day. Leases also often have fewer maintenance requirements as usually you’ll be done driving the car before it needs any major repairs or service. Even better, a new car that’s being leased is usually covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Many people prefer to lease cars because then they can enjoy driving a brand new car every few years. Most leases generally run for about two to three years, meaning you’ll enjoy an upgrade to a new car when it’s up. Car owners, on the other hand, tend to hang onto their vehicles for 6-7 years (or more!), sinking significant sums into an aging vehicle that is simultaneously becoming less valuable with every passing time. Best of all, it’s far easier to get out of a lease than it is to sell a used car.

What You Need to Know About Philadelphia Car Leasing
There are a number of things to know before considering leasing, including:

Sales price – The higher the price, the higher your monthly lease payments will be.
Residual Percentage – A car’s residual value is a percentage of it’s original value (selling price). When a car has higher residual value, you’ll pay less every month.
Mileage – Leases include a specified number of miles that you’re allowed to drive the car every year. Go over that, and you’ll pay some hefty fees.
Money Factor – Otherwise known as an APR (annual percentage rate) where lower is better because it means you’ll pay less every month.
Leasing Vs. Buying
Hey, if you made it this far, we can guess that you’re probably looking to lease a car in Philadelphia. We’re excited to help you but we feel it’s worth taking a moment to make sure you know the difference between buying a car and leasing one.

Who Owns the Car?
Even if you’ve borrowed money from a bank, you own the car when you buy it. Of course, you have to keep making your payments or the financing institution can repossess the car, but the vehicle is yours. But when you lease a car, you do not own it. That’s why you don’t need to put a down payment towards a lease. With leasing, all you have to is pay the fees, security deposit, and keep up your payments. Best of all, you can pay more upfront to enjoy lower monthly lease payments.

Upfront Costs
Buying a car means scraping together a large sum of money, whether it’s to pay cash outright for the car or to pay a bank or lending institution a down payment. You’ll need to get your credit score checked and have to deal with other requirements from the bank/lender. But with leasing, there’s no down payment. You just pay a security deposit, some fees and taxes, and the first month’s payment.

Future Value
The second you drive a car off the lot, it begins to lose value. If you buy a car, it’s only worth what you can get by selling it. This is a sliding scale that depends on how well you’ve maintained your car, how popular that model is, and a number of other factors. Leasing a car skips all those concerns as you are not the owner.

End Payments
When you buy a car, you own it free and clear once you’ve finished paying off the bank. You’ll get the car title, a document that’s used to prove that you’re the owner. But with Philadelphia¬†car leases, the standard is to return the car to the owner at the end of the lease. It’s usually possible to buy the car either during the period of the lease or when the lease is over, but that is up to you.


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