Philadelphia BMW X5 lease deals do not come often, but it is smart to consider them when they do spring up. It is no secret that BMW has some of the top-selling luxury vehicles in the US, so deciding to lease a new BMW is a wise idea considering all the perks you have come to expect from a BMW. Many BMW enthusiasts are proud to lease this model, especially those who have to accommodate a bigger family. Still, opting to lease the X5 requires a little information so that you can make an informed decision.

Behind the X5

The X5 was built as a mid-sized luxury SUV. BMW wanted to create something that would accommodate larger families but still allow the driver to feel like he or she was driving a regular vehicle.

The SUV needed to adapt to city life where space is limited and precise maneuvering is essential, which is how the X5 was born. BMW introduced the vehicle in 1999, and it was the first all-wheel drive from the car brand. Its ability to blend an automatic transmission with an all-wheel drive is one key feature that made the X5 stand out. It should be noted that the X5’s ability to take on any type of road is one reason it is not a true SUV but rather an SAV or a sports activity vehicle.

The X5’s Pros and Cons

The X5 has a lot of desirable features. You already know that it comes with the all-drive feature, which is definitely a positive. Those who love the outdoors or going off-road will love this feature, not to mention the fact that the X5 can take extreme weather better than other cars, which is something Philadelphians appreciate. Now, you can consider the pros and cons.


Manual drive is not as popular as it once was, but there are still a number of people out there who prefer that type of vehicle. The car can be controlled better than an automatic though that is often debated. Nevertheless, you do have a choice.

Another great factor that the X5 has is the engine is a turbocharged six-cylinder engine, which simply means that it comes with a pretty powerful engine. You can expect up to 300 horsepower, which should make any off-road trip pretty fun. Drivers who want the best fuel economy can get the diesel engine since that will mean that you will get 24 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the freeway.

The car comes with a lot of great features, such as the adaptive xenon headlines that adapt to the darkest night on their own. The car also comes with a panoramic sunroof and one of the best sound systems on the market. It should be noted that it also comes with self-drying brakes, which is great when you are living in a place like Philadelphia where the weather can get wet. You should also know that your family should be safe in a vehicle that received one of the highest ratings possible.


Yes, the car is luxurious and loaded with features, but there are a few drawbacks to point out. For example, it is a pricey vehicle compared to others. Sure, you are leasing, so you do not have to worry about the full value, but the price still has an impact.

The car is kind of expensive to maintain, but that is not something that you have to worry about much since you are going to be leasing it. The one thing that you may not like is the X5’s third row seating. Most people think that the third row seat is a little cramped, especially for adults, so that is something to consider.

There is a lot to take in about the X5, but hopefully, these points made it a little easier to make a decision.

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