Philadelphia is one of America’s oldest and most populous cities with an estimated 30 thousand new residents every year. The city is home to a host of historic destinations, including the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, the Franklin Institute, and Franklin Square. Each year, new residents flock to this foundation of American history with the intention of establishing new careers, families, and livelihoods in family-friendly Philadelphia and begin to seek one of the most necessary tools for a comfortable transition: a new car. When seeking to gain access to a new vehicle in or near the Philadelphia area, new residents should carefully consider whether or not a leasing contract would be beneficial to them. Interested parties should first gather as much information about the vehicle leasing process as they can to ensure that any potential lease will ultimately provide a sense of security and peace of mind and does not become a burden. Ideally, car shoppers in Philadelphia should consider the monthly value of any potential car loan, the amount of potential down-payments, and the estimated amount of time that will elapse before the purchase of a new vehicle.

Monthly Value of Potential Car Loans
Before purchasing a vehicle, new Philadelphia residents should consider the costs of the monthly payment for a car loan and compare that cost to leasing costs. Car loans are initiated between a banking institution and a customer with the car dealership acting as a third party. After a bank has approved a customer based on credit history, loan terms are established and are to be paid back within a stipulated amount of time. These loans only include the money owed for the vehicle and any accrued interest. While the payments for car loans may seem, at face value, to be lower than payments made for car leases, they do not include other expenses associated with car ownership. Other expenses involved in car ownership, including the cost of repairs, maintenance, and insurance payments are not included in the monthly payment and must be considered. When a car shopper opts to lease a vehicle, these costs are included into the monthly payment, making leases more practical in most circumstances.

Calculating Down Payments and Other Associated Costs
Down payments and hidden fees should also be considered when deciding on whether or not to purchase or lease a vehicle. Unlike vehicle leasing agreements, car purchases typically require a significant financial deposit. This deposit safeguards lenders from individuals who receive a car loan with no intention of paying it in full. Car shoppers who are financially unable to provide a large deposit can benefit greatly from obtaining a vehicle through a leasing deal. Because large deposits are often a key factor in a resident’s inability to purchase a vehicle when they need one, vehicle leasing agreements often represent an attractive alternative to traditional purchasing methods.

Time Before Desired New Car Purchase
Car shoppers in the Philadelphia area should also consider the estimated time before they will wish to purchase a new vehicle. Those who typically purchase new vehicles every two to three years will find the vehicle leasing process beneficial. Leasing a vehicle provides a way for car enthusiast to exchange vehicles on a regular basis without amassing thousands of dollars in debt. Because Philadelphia is a city with a large public transportation system, many residents may find it unrealistic to drive a vehicle to most places. Instead of allowing a purchased vehicle to sit, virtually unused, for many months, car lease holders can simply attain a car during time periods where they feel the vehicle will be most needed.

These factors and many more should always be considered before making a decision about a vehicle lease purchase. Populous cities like Philadelphia often create a need for car leasing options among residents. Philadelphia is a home to thousands of residents who’s work and recreational life demand temporary vehicle contracts. By choosing to lease a vehicle instead of purchasing one, many of the city’s residents have saved thousands of dollars on fees associated with car ownership. Saving the cost of upfront down payments, which typically turn out to be 10 percent of the car’s value or greater, is a great benefit car lease. Because car leases typically last anywhere from three to five years, they are a preferred method of vehicle acquisition for many city dwellers. Philadelphia is an ideal city to attain a leased vehicle. These contracts provide a sense of stability and security to many people while simultaneously providing relief from the necessity of public transportation systems. Philadelphia residents should consider personal factors about their own lifestyles and financial conditions to determine whether or not leasing a vehicle is a viable option. Despite traditional thinking, car leasing options can provide many people with a profitable way to travel around the great city of Philadelphia.

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