Oakland, California is the largest port city in San Francisco Bay’s East Bay. It’s home to over 400,000 people and boasts three professional sports teams that all have their storied histories. It’s also home to some of the world’s best car dealerships, where people can freely peruse the lots and discuss buying or leasing with an experienced salesperson. Leasing is the subject of the day here. It’s a financing arrangement that only accounts for the car’s current price and its depreciated value at the end of the lease term (usually 3 years). What this means is great news for leasers. It means lower monthly payments on a nicer car.

The Rewards of Leasing

Lower monthly payments are the beginning of all lease rewards but they’re certainly not the end. When your monthly payment is lower, you continue to drive the same great car for much less than you would if you bought the car. Not only this, but you have greater freedom to explore your options in the years ahead. Many people like to sign on for short leases so that they can drive many different types of cars over the year. When they finally do settle down and buy, they quickly learn why leasing is such a great financial arrangement.

First off, leased cars are typically newer and in better shape than used cars for purchase. Thee bad thing about buying a used car is that you’re looking at high repair costs over the years. If you don’t luck out and get a great used car, you can be stuck with a lot of repair bills. This isn’t the case when you lease a used car. Used cars will generally still be new enough to be covered under factory warranty. Imagine having your car break down and being able to have it repaired for free. This reality is part of the happy life of the leaser.

The advantages extend all the way to taxes for businesses. If you lease a car for your company or independent business venture, then you’ll have all of the deductions afforded to leasers at tax time. This includes deductions for depreciation of the car and for the financing of the car for lease.

Variety is the spice of life for some and with leasing, your options for cars expand. Because you get lower monthly payments than with a purchased car, you’re able to truly pick out a car that matches all of your wildest dreams. Instead of settling for a car that you can afford, you get to drive away in a car that is going to cater to your every whim. This means you will have a lot more cars to choose from as you browse through the dealership.

Lease Today and Drive Happy

Leasing in Oakland can take a bit of time. You’ll need to of course select the cars that interest you and weigh options on which one would be the best for you to lease. Asking a lot of questions during the leasing process is always a good idea. It’s better to know too much than too little. Far too many people are unfamiliar with leasing, so don’t just read a few things on the Internet and decide you know all about leasing. Discuss, in person, with a knowledgeable salesman and know as much about leasing as you can before you sign on the dotted line.

There are also longer leases and shorter leases. If you’re someone who really wants to switch cars often, then a shorter lease is going to be ideal for you. This gives you the freedom to walk away from the leased car in a year or two or three, depending on your needs. In some cases, you can arrange a longer lease as long as the dealership is agreeable, although longer leases aren’t necessarily going to pay off in the long-run. In most cases, leasing should be seen as most beneficial when it’s within the 3 year range. You get the car of your dreams at its peak and don’t have to suffer the hassle of trading it in or selling it when the lease is up.

Oakland leasing is booming now more than ever before. More people have discovered the many advantages of leasing a car instead of buying it. You could be the next lucky customer to drive away in a very nice car for an extremely low monthly payment. Down payments on leases are also better than when you buy. You’re not going to have to throw a huge amount of money at a dealership to drive away in a leased car, and there are times when you can lease a car for $0 down. There’s no time like the present to lease a great car.

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