Only one car stands out when you think about the best luxury midsize sedan in the world, and that is the Mercedes E-Class. Currently, the new 2017 Mercedes E-Class model is the top ranked luxury midsize sedan in the entire world with a score of 9.1. This new model comes with a new and redesigned body that makes it unique and beautiful when compared to other luxury midsize sedans. Its latest high-tech features, excellent performance, aesthetic appearance and high comfort levels transform it from a great car to a perfect car. By integrating all the necessary and desired features, the Mercedes E-Class has created an entire market for itself, which keeps on expanding over the years. Super adaptive suspensions and a turbocharged V6 or four-cylinder engine ensures that you have the best driving experience of your life. So, when you are evaluating luxury sedans available in the market, just remember that the Mercedes E-Class is a class higher than the rest.

Benefits of the Mercedes E-Class

Standard Features

Other than the already listed standard features, the new Mercedes E-Class has numerous unique features that have been developed specifically for it and guarantees total customer satisfaction. Some of these features include an adaptive suspension, selectable driving modes, automatic wipers, LED headlights and an automatic climate control. Additionally, the car has a new infotainment system.

Latest Safety Features

It is vital to ensure that a car has got the advanced safety features and the Mercedes E-Class has made sure it has covered all the corners. First and foremost, it has a Pre-safe system that systematically adjusts seat belts and seats when it senses an imminent collision. It also has driver drowsiness monitors that make sure the driver is always alert and aware of his immediate driving surroundings. The Mercedes E-Class also has the latest surround-view cameras, blind spot checking, forward collision mitigation and warning system. Their aim is to ensure that you (the driver) will always be safe while driving.

Futuristic Technology

The Mercedes E-Class boasts one of the newest technologies as it has the latest auto parking software that allows you to park your car using a specifically developed smartphone app. The car’s infotainment system has the latest software version and a dedicated touchpad, which allows you to interact and customize the numerous car features.

Self-Driving Capability

Through intense research and development, Mercedes has developed the technology that makes the Mercedes E-Class to automatically drive itself from one predetermined point to the other as well as achieving autobahn-like high speeds. This is known as the Intelligent Drive that enables the car to accelerate, decelerate and stop (brake) itself. All you should do is hold onto the steering wheel and enjoy the drive.

Limitations of the Mercedes E-Class

Normal Seating Material

Even though the Mercedes E-Class has a beautiful and superior interior look and comfortable seats, the material used on the seats and other parts diminishes the beauty and sophistication level of the car.

Gas Mileage

One of the drawbacks of the Mercedes E-Class is its poor gas mileage, where its 4matic system achieves approximately 24 mpg, which is to some extent lower than other luxury sedans in the market.

A Reduced Cargo Capacity

The new and redesigned body of the 2017 Mercedes E-Class ensures that there is enough room space in the car, but that has resulted in the reduction of cargo space to approximately 13 cubic feet. Depending on your needs, this space might work for you if you do not need to carry a lot of luggage.

No Updates for some E Class Models

Sadly, several 2017 E-Class models such as the E550 convertible and E400 Coupe have not incorporated any new updates, thus have the same style and technologies used in the 2016 models. This may be disappointing to E550 convertible and E400 Coupe owners, who may want to buy the 2017 model.