Jeep is a classic car brand with a stable of loyal owners who have followed the automaker for decades. The Cherokee model has been a longstanding favorite for the car company.

No matter your wants or budget, there is a Jeep Cherokee available just for your specific car desires.

It’s not just the extra customary equipment at no extra cost, luxury upgrades, features and comfy cabin that make this such a honeyed vehicle to lease.

The front-wheel-drive base Sport model is affordable while on the other end of the financial spectrum the Overland, which comes with the V-6 engine standard and a host of well-appointed upgrades. For those who bend toward adventure, the Trailhawk allows the driver to get seriously off road without any difficulties.

The roomy five-seat is a world-class ride do to its good road handling and safety features.

The pointy prow and signature rather narrow-light design of the Cherokee maintains its solid place in the market.

The sport Cherokee has black door handles and mirrors for a sleek look with silver-painted 17-inch steel wheels. The Altitude grade trim dresses up the model that makes up 10 percent of the sales of the Cherokee brand.

The Limited, which about 25 percent of Cherokee enthusiasts tend to buy, has mirrors with integrated turn signals, 18-inch alloys and is topped with lower-body bright work. The High Altitude edition comes with the trendy black wheels and accents. The Trailhawk, which trails behind the limited by 10 percent in sales, has exterior styling exclusives, such as grille and mirror accents, 17-inch polished alloy wheels, red front tow hooks for a pop of color, a distinguished matte black hood decal and flared wheel openings.

The Overland is the luxury model, with notable interior upgrades, polished 18-inch alloy wheels and bi-xenon headlamps.

The four-cylinder Cherokees get a 21 MPG in the city and 30 on the highway for a combined total of 25 MPG. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gives the Jeep Cherokee four stars for all its individual tests, except one. The Cherokee scored five stars for side impact safety performance.

While active safety features are available on upper trim levels a rearview camera is standard on all Cherokees except the Sport model.


The standard engine is a four-cylinder that, while actually better than most of its competitors on the market, leaves a bit to be desired for quick accelerations. The 2.4 liter four-cylinder engine offers a bit more punch with 184 horsepower and 171 pound-feet of torque. But the four-cylinder doesn’t carry the heavy body of the crossover vehicle as well as it possibly could. Consumer Reports notes that the 32.-liter V6 on the Limited trim is largely the best version of the Cherokee when considering engine and performance under most conditions.

Only the overland has the upgrade as the four-cylinder is standard on all other models of the Cherokee. The Cherokee’s engine is impressive, overall, with half of the Jeep Cherokee buyers ordering the V-6 in 2016 and 60 percent opting for the all-wheel drive system.

Overall, with the standard and upgrade features for the price of this prodigious brand, the Jeep Cherokee finds itself as one of the top-rated and more aesthetically pleasing compact crossover vehicles for car enthusiasts year after year. It continues to blaze its own trail with redesigns of its best and mediocre features planned and executed that keeps their loyal customer base continually content with the Cherokee.