When it comes to shopping for a new car, most people are thrilled with their purchase. However, what might not be apparent is the amount of research they had to undergo to figure out which car is the best for them. Honda’s Civic model has been wildly popular for many years, and it is easy to understand why. Here are some reasons that mark the car’s greatness.


Pros of the Honda Civic


One of the greatest attractions to the Honda is the fact that the car runs quietly and sound generally cannot penetrate the rather upscale cabin. The seats provide more than enough room for people of all sizes to fit comfortably. At the same time, the cargo space is spacious, which makes this vehicle great for traveling long distances. Along with the quiet cabin comes a smooth ride that can hardly be matched by any other car in the business. Probably one of the greatest benefits of driving a Honda Civic is the excellence in fuel economy that has propelled the car’s popularity for some time.


Safety Features of the Honda Civic


It is little wonder why so many people flock to the Honda Civic. Outside of the fact that it has impeccable fuel economy, people keep returning to this car because of the safety features that it offers all the way around. Some of the standard features include side-mounted airbags, rear airbags, antilock brakes, and traction control. Another attractive feature is the auto delay off headlights. These headlights will turn off once the car is parked and the car’s security system is activated through the fob pad. No longer will people have to worry about their lights continuing to burn out their batteries. Additionally, the remote anti-theft alarm system is considered one of the best on the market. Unlike other cars in its class, the Honda Civic is great for new parents mostly because it offers child seat anchors. This feature is not yet found on all sedans. Other features it includes are as follows: emergency braking assist, 4-wheel ABS, tire pressure monitoring, stability control, passenger airbags with weight sensors for turning the feature on and off, and child safety locks on the rear doors.


Consumer Ratings and Comments


Even though the 2017 edition of the Honda Civic brings new features, like becoming a hatchback, many people are still flocking to lease and buy this car. Most consumer ratings place this car at four stars and higher for many reasons. First and foremost, it has the luxury feel of a higher-class car without the luxury price. Most consumers have commented heavily on how much gas this vehicle saves them over time, regardless of whether or not they use the Eco or Sports modes it offers. At the same time, this vehicle is known for working well with navigation systems that come with Android products. Therefore, the need to purchase Honda’s navigation package is nil. Finally, many people have commented on how much space it offers. People in the driver’s seat and front passenger’s seat do not have to compete for arm room over the console, and they also have plenty of places in it to place cups, phones, keys, and more.




For people looking to lease a new vehicle, then the Honda Civic can very easily and very well be the right choice. This car will last a long time and stand up to the tests that people continue to put them through. As stated previously, this car has the feel of a luxury vehicle without the associated price that comes with a luxury car. It can easily become a family favorite.