Are you thinking about leasing a Ford Escape soon? The Ford Escape has been one of the best-selling mid-sized SUVs in the marketplace for years. Since its introduction, this SUV has been redesigned and modified many times, and the latest version available is now loaded with incredible features as standard or optional equipment that will delight you. However, there are some negative factors to consider as well about the Ford Escape before you sign your lease. With a closer look at the pros and cons of the Ford Escape, you can make a better overall decision about your vehicle plans.

Affordable Quality
The overall sales price for a new Ford Escape ranges from $23,750 to $31,000 for base MSRP. This means that you can easily qualify for affordable lease payments with a good credit rating. While affordable, the Ford Escape is not a low-end vehicle that delivers a cheap or undesirable performance on the road. For example, even the base four-cylinder engine has exceptional horsepower in comparison to many of the other SUVs in this class. It has high-tech features throughout the cabin that will impress you, and many of these features are available as standard equipment with a base model. While you may have to pay a fortune to get a well-equipped SUV with other models, this is not the case if you lease the Ford Escape.

Refined Features Available
The Ford Escape has incredible features that can add to your overall driving experience. For example, you can opt to lease a well-equipped Escape with a panoramic sunroof, a keyless ignition, a power lift gate, satellite radio, an infotainment system and much more. There are several trim levels for you to choose from at various price points, and this gives you better control over the cost of your Escape lease payments. The features vary for each trim level of the Ford Escape, but you can always add optional equipment or features to a trim level for customization. Some features are designed to keep you safer on the road, such as blind spot monitoring. Others simply add to your overall driving experience by enriching the vehicle with a sense of affordable luxury. For example, satellite radio is available in select trim levels that can make your time on the road more enjoyable.

The Downsides for the Ford Escape
As amazing as the Ford Escape is, there are some downsides associated with this vehicle as well. For example, while the vehicle is known for its peppy performance on the road, its fuel economy is not ideal. In fact, the base model enjoys only 23 miles per gallon fuel economy on average. Other SUVs in this class have far more impressive fuel economy. Furthermore, some drivers have reported that the power of the air conditioner declines when the engine is in idle. Those who have sat in the back seat complain that the rear bench is too low and narrow for comfort. Notably, its reliability rating is only average, and there are many more reliable vehicles in this class to choose from.

As you can see, there are many important factors to consider before you make the decision to lease a Ford Escape. You may be drawn to the sleek curves of the Escape’s exterior or the high-tech features inside the vehicle. While there are a few downsides associated with leasing an Escape, keep in mind that a lease only lasts for a few years. This means that you are not married to the vehicle, and you can easily overlook a few shortcomings with the Ford Escape when you plan to lease it.