One of the most iconic American-made car brands is Chevrolet. The cars are sometimes just called Chevys. Leasing a Chevy is one option to consider, especially if you are the kind of person who supports American-made cars. One of the most popular and luxurious options you have is the Equinox. Making a decision requires that you know something about the car you are considering, so the following will help enlighten you further.

Understanding the Equinox

The Chevy Equinox is considered a midsized SUV or a compact SUV. Some people do consider it the luxury version of a crossover, which is a type of SUV that is becoming more and more popular. The vehicle was introduced in 2004, and it skyrocketed in popularity in a few years.

Los Angeles is full of families, meaning that many need a spacious compact vehicle. The Equinox crossover or SUVis able to fulfill your space needs while still giving the driver the kind of speed and power that vans cannot normally provide. The car comes with front-wheel drive, which makes it a pretty easy car to drive.

Equinox’s Pros and Cons

Many American families, especially the ones living in cities, are favoring vehicles like the Equinox, but you should know some of the pros and cons of this car. The following are a few of the details you should consider before leasing:


The Equinox gives you the kind of room you might expect from a van, without the drawbacks. You can still zip through traffic and find compact parking spaces while comfortably accommodating all the people in your family, which is perhaps one of the most known benefits of the Equinox, but there are others.

Living in Los Angeles means that you definitely need a car that can provide acceptable fuel economy. Considering the size of this vehicle and its power, it is safe to say that getting 22 mpg in the city and 32 mpg on the freeway is pretty good. Keep in mind that the vehicle comes with a four-cylinder engine, so its effective fuel economy does make sense.

The vehicle comes with many features, such as a hotspot should you want this and great safety features. The car’s suspension is great, and it makes for a smoother ride. Another thing you are going to happy about is the price is reasonable, compared to other crossovers, making it a great car to lease.


One drawback worth mentioning involves the V-6 engine on some models. This gives the SUV more power, but it does mess with the fuel economy mentioned earlier. The car will only be able to offer 17 mpg in the city and 24 mpg on the freeways, which is significantly less, not to say that it is horrible, but it is a drop that you will feel.

It should be noted that the vehicle’s regular engine does have to haul a relatively heavy vehicle. This means the acceleration is going to be slightly slower than other cars. Those who care about acceleration performance are probably going to notice that the crossover picks up a little slow.

The Equinox is a great choice, but it does come with some drawbacks. Still, the drawbacks do not outweigh the positive aspects of the Chevy crossover. Keep in mind that the design of the Equinox is pretty bold, making it a sweet ride to drive for a few years before your lease is up. Hopefully, these points make it easier to come to a decision about which car you are going to lease.