Deciding to lease a Mercedes S-Class is a powerful car that offers sleek comfortability. In many cases, people consider this car to be the height of luxury sedans on the market. It comes with a diesel-powered S350 engine that can hardly be matched by any other sedan. This regal car is truly worth the luxury price tag it features. The options and features are almost limitless, which makes the Mercedes S-Class the perfect choice. As the flagship for Mercedes, this car certainly fills the expectations demanded of it easily.


Pros for the S-Class


There are a few pros that make this sedan the best choice in its class. First and foremost, it is phenomenally comfortable and features a quality that does not exist in other vehicles either in or out of its class. At the same time, it features high-tech features that mark the future of standard feature trends in vehicles. Otherwise, this vehicle has robust engines that are a testament to how powerful the S-Class really is. The riding quality is superior to even S-Class models from previous years.


Powerful Engine


The S-Class makes use of two, direct injection, biturbo V8 engines. It also offers a hybrid model with a biturbo V6. In many cases, these engines can be pushed through nine different speeds with ease. All of these features culminate into powerful acceleration.


Responds to Danger, Before the Driver Does


One of the perks of driving the S-Class is the fact that it responds to danger long before the driver has a chance to react otherwise. This factor comes as no surprise because the S-Class has been setting precedents for standard safety features for years and years on end. This model offers a 360-degree video feed that always keeps track of every directional axis around the car. This camera helps to alert the car when to perform tasks such as brake assistance. It can respond autonomously to dangerous situations, like a child running out into the street or a deer crossing the road ahead, to help the driver avoid potentially deadly collisions. This feature can also be utilized to alert drivers to vehicles in other lanes that become too close.


Reading the Road


One of the other attractions to driving a Mercedes S-Class is the suspension package it offers. There are various modes to consider, and the suspension also features adaptive damping and automatic leveling. Most of this arrangement is because the suspension makes use of lightweight AIRMATIC technology that the car to think quickly and without hesitation. Because of the 360-degree vision around the car, the suspension combines with this feature to see road bumps ahead and plan how to work around them or stop them without jostling people in the cabin. The combination of these two features is certainly an industry first, and other cars will attempt to replicate it for years to come.


Staying Standard


Even though there are plenty of industry hallmarks being made with the S-Class, there are plenty of typical standards that it includes, too. However, it does expand on these features as well. The inner climate of the cabin can be controlled through the Energizing Comfort feature that powers through the cabin to regulate temperatures, and it even includes the option for adding fragrance to the air without needing an additional air freshener. It has heated seats that also provide a relaxing massage.




When it comes to being the best of the best, the S-Class takes the cake. It certainly sits higher above most other luxury sedans as it aims to be known as the inventor of so many features that other cars eventually adapt, though not quite at the same scale of perfection.