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What Makes Us Different?


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You will get Your Choice: We assure you to provide the car of your choice, and at a price you wanted it.


Multiple Offers: Irrespective of the price or type of the car, we provide multiple offers from various dealers and brokers. This helps you to choose the lowest price for the particular car you are looking.


Save your Valuable Time: We do all the negotiations by keeping the lowest price for you in mind. This ensures that you won’t to feel a headache in the deals.


Know a Car Lease


There are misconceptions that lease is nothing but a long term rental, but that is not the case, though the job gets done. As a lessee, you pay the money to the lessor or the dealers for using the car. The agreement could be for a particular period of your choice and the number of miles for the year would have mentioned in it. People who wanted to travel more can adjust the miles by paying additional monthly payment. The car is a depreciating asset over the use, and this is the reason why additional usage gets a higher charge. The lease payments are adjusted in such a way that the depreciating value is covered under it.


Reasons for Choosing a Lease


There are some reasons why people go for a lease. While comparing to purchase a car, a lease is less expensive. As the price of the car is increasing, people might think leasing is a less expensive option to get a new car. Leases are found to have lower down payments and monthly payments comparing to car purchases. Leases provide a great option to get new cars without buying it at a higher price. The customers have less maintenance cost and requirements regarding leased cars, as most leases get over before the service time or any major repairs. All the cars are covered under manufacturer warranty so that the lessees can be relaxed of repairs. People get an option to use brand new cars more frequently. Typically lease duration is for two to three years, and you can get a new car after lease period with a new contract. This means that you get new cars more frequently as most buyers use the car for 6-7 years. Also, you feel the comfort of exiting the lease rather than holding the headache of selling the car at the end.


Things to Note While Leasing a Car


Sales Price: It is important to know as your lease payment is directly related to the sales price of the car. If the car price is less, the lease payment per month would also be less.


Residual Value and the Amount: The residual value of the car depends on its depreciation value, and it is told in percentage. So the cars with higher residual value would have low depreciation value and lower monthly lease payments.


Allotted Miles: Always keep an eye on the total number of miles allowed per year. This would have mentioned in your lease agreement. If the limit is crossed, then there is a fee per mile. So, it is important to set a monthly limit in miles.


Disposition fee: It is an amount collected by the leasing firm to cover up various maintenance costs and servicing including clean up, selling the car, etc. Mostly, the charges are in $300 – $500 range, and it can’t be negotiated.


Money Factor: This is similar to APR; the lower is, the better.


Car Leasing Versus Car Buying


Since you are on this page, it is meant that you are looking for a car lease in Los Angeles. It is better to understand the difference between leasing and buying. It would help you to take the right decision why a lease is a good option. As a professional servicing firm, Zooomr is keen to make sure that you are aware of what you are getting while choosing Los Angeles car lease.


The Owner


When you purchase a car, irrespective of the payment mode the car is yours. If you have taken a loan, you have to make payments according to the condition, but the car belongs to you. While leasing a car, you do not own it. You are paying the lease amount for your usage, and the lender who offered the car at lease owns the car. This is the reason, you pay a lesser amount than buying a new car.


Up-front costs


While purchasing a new car by arranging finance, you are supposed to make a down payment. If you have an old car, you can sell it and arrange the amount for down payment. The down payment varies according to your credit score and lender’s conditions. While leasing a car, you don’t want to make a down payment. The initial payment includes the first month payment, acquisition fee, security deposit, and taxes and other fees. You would have an option to make higher upfront payment to reduce the monthly payments.


Future Value


If you are planning to buy a car, you should think about its future sales value. It depends on the car model and type, and how you maintained it. In the case of a lease, you do not want to worry about the future sales value since the car is not yours.


End Payments


In the case of a financed car, after the amount paid in full, the car is yours. The lenders will forward the title to you. But in car leases, most people return the car at the end of lease period. Few people found to buy the car at the end of the lease. That is a choice for you.