Have you searched for a genuinely inspiring luxury sedan? The magnificent Cadillac CTS offers eye-catching, sculpted lines and a plush interior.(1) The basic four-door 2017 models supply a comfortable suspension system and all the cutting-edge high tech communications and infotainment features drivers expect to find in a contemporary prestige Executive ride.(1) The CTS seats up to five people with ease.(2)

With the desirable Cadillac logo positioned directly at the top of the vehicle’s prominent front grille, these sedans create a strong first impression.(2) If you’d like to display style, sophistication and effortless power, you won’t need to look further than the awesome CTS. It supplies the cachet of fashionably understated Cadillac elegance.

Flowing Contours

Spend a few moments studying photos of the 2017 models to appreciate the well-balanced design elements contributing to the CTS mystique. The manufacturer recently updated the exterior and added a rear camera mirror.(3) These changes simply enhanced the sedan’s sleek, fluid lines. Customers select from 11 glossy paint models, with color choices including Radiant Silver Metallic, Crystal White Tricoat, Black Raven and Red Obsession Tintcoat.(2) Choose among five unique interior trim packages.(2)

When you pull open the driver’s side front door and slip behind the wheel, you’ll notice the intuitive instrument panel display. Cadillac customizes this feature. It offers reconfigurable options to suit the preferences of different drivers.(1) With fully adjustable heated seating, available three zone cabin climate controls, and an adaptive remote start enabling you to begin warming up the interior from a distance of 100 yards, you’ll possess the ability to travel comfortably throughout the year.(1) USB ports, stunning Bose stereo capabilities and available satellite radio ensure drivers enjoy access to communications technology and infotainment.(2)

Impressive Performance

Cadillac has acquired an excellent reputation for precision engineering. It builds several versions of the CTS: all wheel drive with a 2 liter 4-cylinder engine, all wheel driver with a 3.6 liter 6-cylinder engine and two wheel drive with a 2 liter 4-cylinder engine. The company also manufactures a sportier CTS-V high performance model.(2) All these sedans supply impressive horsepower and a number of built-in safety features. (The NHTSA awarded the CTS a favorable five-star safety rating.)(3)

Cadillac informs prospective customers it originally tested the CTS sedan under racetrack conditions.(1) If you’ve longed for a high performance driving experience, you’ll want to spend some time driving this exemplary luxury vehicle. The CTS ranks some other acclaimed vehicles among its chief rivals: the Audi6, the Mercedes-Benz E Class, the BMW 5 Series, and the Lexus GS.(3)

Lease Advantages

With so many trendy features, and a variety of trim options, the 2017 CTS furnishes some excellent lease possibilities. New vehicles typically lose value as soon as a buyer selects them; by leasing, you’ll enjoy an opportunity to drive a recent model without paying high initial acquisition costs. Additionally, you remain free to upgrade at some future point if subsequent models containing in-demand new technology arrive in the dealership.

Many companies deduct vehicle lease expenses for tax purposes when an auto serves exclusively business purposes. You’ll impress clients and colleagues by driving the prestigious Cadillac CTS. It offers attractive prestige features coupled with pleasing versatility. Don’t miss your chance to explore leasing one (or more) of these remarkable sedans in the New York City area!

Further Information

Contact your local New York City Cadillac dealer to learn more about opportunities to lease the superb CTS this year. You may discover some incredible automotive values!


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