Looking to lease a dependable car that scores high in the luxury category? The 2017 BMW 7 Series ranks high in the luxury cars category, and in fact, it currently scores an 8.7 out of 10. That evaluation looks at research and data through 11 data sources to tally up its total score. This lineup of legendary engines deals out better fuel efficiency, a more spacious trunk, and it leads its class in rear-seat legroom. Not to mention, this class almost always judges the quality of the cars based on the luxury in the rear seating. On almost every measure, the BMW 7 Series rivals and outpaces some of the best in its class.

Why Lease a BMW 7 Series?

Visit any financial institution seeking a loan, and you quickly learn how much of a hassle it can be. The bank wants to know every little detail about your financial life, and even once you have given it to them, they still have the power to reject your application for a loan. When you lease a car through our NYC dealership, filling out the form only takes several minutes. After you have written everything in the form, we will typically take between 24 to 48 hours to review your application. If you get approved, we will deliver the car to your home or office the next business day. It works that fast!

Should I Lease the 7 Series?

When you lease BMW, you sit behind the steering wheel of a dependable car. The question of reliable driving never becomes a question, but how much luxury you want in a vehicle does. The BMW 7 Series adds multiple additions in the 2017 lineup to make it one of the best high performing vehicles on the market. The 7 Series boasts an athleticism that not even the Mercedes-Benz S-Class can match. The beautifully wrought interior and the comfortable features have helped it to stand out. You can comfortably seat five people in the BMW 7 series, and every seat boasts comfort in every detail. For example, the front seats support your body’s every contour. You can also upgrade to massage front seating and heated armrests. In the back, the rear seating expands your legroom more than the rivals in its class. You can also upgrade it so that it opens both ventilation and heating. You can even choose a massage function for the rear seats so that everyone rides in style.

What to Understand When Leasing

Before you sign below the dotted line and lease your BMW 7 Series, you should figure out what the goals of leasing your next vehicle will be. This helps you decide on the level of luxury and the types of features you will agree to. For example, if you will drive your kids to soccer practice, then getting the rear massage seats means that everyone in the car will be happy and having a good time on the ride to and back from the field. Also, you can decide on the technological features you want in your next vehicle.

You can check out the BMW 7 Series from online, and we will tell you information about the car and leasing it. The biggest advantage of leasing through us is how we will even take the car to your home or office. Imagine: You have a dreamy BMW, and you never even had to step foot on the car lot to buy it. Through our services in NYC, the entire process happens through the website, and once we approve you for a lease, we ship the car right to you.