Today’s automakers are making major changes faster thanks to computer technology for development and retooling. That makes it exciting to go shopping for a car, crossover or truck. It is also changing how vehicles are sold. More and more shoppers are choosing to lease rather than buy. What are the arguments for leasing and loans?


1. Pride of Ownership
For some people, owning a vehicle is matter of personal pride. They think of it as an investment that will pay them back. They are not worried about the end of the warranties or any maintenance and repair costs. They are prepared for brake jobs and major engine overhauls. There is an expectation that the vehicle will last for a decade and be something to hand down to children or grandchildren. In other cases, the owner anticipates selling the car and getting back some of the investment.

2. Concerns Over Leasing Rules
In some cases, drivers are reluctant to take out a lease due to mileage caps. They see themselves as traveling too often or too far to meet any restrictions. In other cases, drivers like to personalize their SUV, car or truck, and they don’t want to be restricted in this pursuit. They like specialized wheels, jacked up suspensions, or off-roading equipment. Perhaps they expect to wear their ride out with use.


1. Reduced Costs At Purchase
When you choose to lease, chances are that the down payment will be lower. It is also probable that the monthly payments may be lower. This means that keeping within a budget is easier.

2. More Affordable to Choose A Higher Trim
Leasing can save enough money up front for a driver to step up to a higher trim. This means more of today’s must-have technology or special comforts like ventilated seats and leather upholstery.

3. Reduced Costs over Time
Generally, the leased vehicle is under warranty, giving the lessee peace of mind about possible breakdowns or repairs. A leased vehicle doesn’t require major maintenance, saving $500 or even $1,000. Likewise, leased vehicles rarely require new tires or big brake jobs, once again saving many hundreds of dollars.

4. Keeping Up with the Latest Safety Devices
Ten years ago, buyers had to pay more for electronic traction controls. Now we pay more to get crash avoidance systems. Yet one leading automaker has decided that its 2018 lineup will have a standard lane watch with assist and forward collision alert with autobrake. Safety levels are changing fast, and you can feel freer to trade for the most effective systems when you choose a lease rather than ownership.

5. Taking Advantage of Tech Advances
In five years, automamkers have gone from a CD-radio to a touchscreen with Bluetooth audio streaming to, most recently, the introduction of Apple- and Android-specific systems. Likewise, turbo, hybrid, and electric technology is changing quickly. Every few years there are leaps in engine power and/or fuel economy. Automation, such as today’s adaptive cruise control, may take over all aspects of driving in just three or four years. Clearly the latest, greatest devices may be bought today and then out of date tomorrow. Leasing, since it requires less investment, is a more logical way to stay current.

Is a lease or loan the right approach to car ownership? Consider how each affects your budget today and in the long run. This may help you decide.

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